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Originally Posted by hazzamon View Post
I'm using Vista if that helps. And where is C:/windows/system32/?
C is your hard drive. Open up Computer and browse to your hard drive, then browse to the windows folders, then browse to the system32 folder.
Originally Posted by CodeBrain View Post
Hello, I have successfully done the three following things in Pokemon Platinum:

Type Editing, Sprite Editing, Base Stat Editing

Now of course this is old, by the forum's standards, however I feel there is something more to it.

If someone for Pokemon Platinum, could give me the offset in which "battle music" starts? If I have that, I would try to make a table out of it.

There's actually a thread below where people are compiling information in regards to generation IV hacking. Best to ask in there. I wouldn't think that'd be a "simple question" or rather, common knowledge. As this thread is meant for.

Blech, I see you've already found that thread. Though I still think it'd be better asked there. I wouldn't consider much in regards to D/P/P hacking to be a "simple" question yet. Not many have delved too far into it.