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    Ikiji’s consciousness returned, but his experience told him not to show it. He continued to feign unconsciousness as he listened for anyone nearby; when he was convinced he was alone, he slowly reached into his coat and withdrew the long, slender knife. He leapt to his feet and pressed himself against the wall, looking around.
    It seems that no one had found him…or had they? It was possible that someone could be watching, waiting to see what his reaction would be when he awoke. He slowly re-sheathed the blade.
    He sensed Matsuko hiding nearby, watching him, though he didn’t know exactly where she was, and he didn’t dare tell her to reveal herself yet. He ducked into an empty room, and slowly closed the door. He whispered, “Matsuko. Find those people, and listen in to what they say. If you can determine whether they’re PXS or Uprising, come straight back to this room, okay?”
    He couldn’t see, but somehow, he knew she’d understood. Her presence vanished.
    Ikiji walked over to the bed, and laid down. This was clearly someone else’s room, but he didn’t care. He was exhausted. Plus, there was no point in trying to leave now; it was already morning. He yawned, and closed his eyes, settling in for the first real nap he’d had in a very long time.
    (ooc: whose room is this, I wonder? And what will its owner do when and if he/she finds Ikiji asleep in his/her bed? C’mon, work with me…I’m dyin’ out here…)

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