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Charlie was shocked. His plan actually worked and his expression changed to one of bliss. He grabbed his bag, clutched Isabel’s hand, and ran out the door with her still in his hand.

The air was cool and their pace was brisk. Charlie was bright red and as happy as could be. They rounded a corner and went up two blocks before turning again. Down an ally and through the city. Into a district and out of a shop into a square. The two went any place and any where throughout that town. They finally came to a stop.

There they were at the ice-cream parlor he had visited yesterday. Before them was a single park bench in front of a colossal fountain. The two sat down together on the bench.

“Isabel you’ve really made me feel better. I know it was just supposed to be a walk…” Charlie began while taking a pause and scratching his head bashfully.

“But I… I wanted show you this place. I was hear yesterday and it’s so beautiful. I thought you’d like to see it with me… and it really has made me feel much better. You know Isabel, why don’t we get some ice cream? My treat!” he continued with a wink and beckoning for Isabel to come to the door with him.

Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.