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    Before she knew it, Charlie had grabbed her hand and pulled her outside. The icy air buffeted her uncovered face and cut into the scratches on her neck. Isabel shivered and put up her hood, zipping up her sweatshirt all the way to cover her neck and chin. Charlie continued to pull her around quickly, excitement clearly printed on his face.

    Frosty Gorge was a beautiful place, but no matter where Isabel looked, she couldn't help but see the weaknesses. The walls indented sharply in some places while in others it was incredibly thin. There was very little support holding up the walls and they could really be knocked over at any place. Frosty Gorge might look formidable and cleverly hidden on the outside, but Isabel could tell that it clearly wouldn't be able to stand up to any sort of assault.

    Finally, the two sat down on a park bench. Charlie looked as excited as ever.

    “Isabel you’ve really made me feel better. I know it was just supposed to be a walk…” Charlie began, scratching his head bashfully. “But I… I wanted show you this place. I was hear yesterday and it’s so beautiful. I thought you’d like to see it with me… and it really has made me feel much better. You know Isabel, why don’t we get some ice cream? My treat!”

    Charlie stood and opened the shop's door, offering to hold it open for her.

    Just a walk... the words rang in Isabel's head. Now she knew undoubtably that she had seen this kind of behavior before, but it lingered just out of her reach.

    Isabel stood and walked into the shop, giving Charlie a smile. The only way to figure it out would be to try and coax his thoughts out of him.

    This was going to be a long day.
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