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    The two walked into the parlor. He let Isabel order her cone first and when she left he ordered his double chocolate-chip cone. He paid for the two cones and exited the door with a ding. He sat next to Isabel and released his pokemon.

    "That's one of the great things about a place like this. It's so far out of PSX control that people here can live a little more freely with pokemon" Charlie reassured her.

    Munchlax was begging for Charlie's cone and Gulpin and Piloswine were chasing each other around the fountain. The pokemon were all like Charlie's children. Charlie was in such a state of leisure that his mind began to wander until he came upon something soothing to him.

    "Look Isabel!" he shouted at her and pointing to her the sight. Two children where dancing with a set of twin Pichus. "Isabel, isn't this what we're fighting for? A world of true peace where pokemon and humans may co-exist. This what I fight for" he continued taking a pause to drift off again.

    "I love this mountain and the way these children live, so free from all these bad things. I know my life was never perfect nor was yours, but I would simply love it if this was the way children could grow up. This is what I like best about this small planet. Ya know what I mean?" he finished with the smile as he watched all the pokemon roam around.

    Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.