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    "Isabel" he sighed. "I don't really know how I feel, but maybe... You're all I can think of lately. I even tried kissing a plate of breakfast 'cause it reminded me of you. I've never really felt this way before. Sure I've loved someone before, only my parents, but was I too young to feel it?" Charlie continued while watching the pokemon play around. Charlie's face was red and his tone was collected. Charlie's emotions confused him.

    "Isabel, have you ever loved someone? Do you know what it feels like?" Charlie asked after a moments pause. Charlie's heart was beating slow and it began to snow. The snow didn't feel as bad as he thought it would. It was soothing, almost comforting, as if it were taking pity upon his emotions. Could this be love?

    OOC: Yeah Mira and I are sorry for the Romance >.<

    Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.