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    "Like I said I understand" Charlie repeated just as desolate. That hole was swallowing Charlie from the inside. He trudged through the snow ahead of Isabel. He still wanted to hold her hand, but couldn't. His body had shut itself down.

    The snow began falling harder and Charlie paid it no mind. Regardless of how much snow fell, he kept walking and listening to Isabel's footsteps behind him. Snow began to pile up so much that is shoulders were made of it and the path ahead was barely visible. It was a snowstorm and Charlie didn't care.

    "Isabel hurry up. In this wheather you might die" he replied back to her placing some emphasize on the die, however, he wasn't joking, this was a powerful blizzard that shook all of the surrounding houses.

    In the end what would Charlie do if something happened to her now...

    Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.