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    Isabel sighed. As much as she was troubled, she couldn't just let him go off in the snow. It was coming down harder than ever now and it could be... deadly.

    "Flareon, let's go," Isabel muttered.

    Flareon materialized out of a red beam, her coat glowing as heat radiated off of it.

    "We have to catch up to that boy up ahead," Isabel sighed. That boy really knew how to get her carefully monitored emotions out in the open.

    Flareon began taking up a brisk pace, guiding Isabel through the snow. Isabel saw Charlie's form up ahead and caught up to him, grabbing onto his arm and pulling him back around a building. The snow was raging now, tearing furiously at anything and everyone unlucky enough to be caught outside.

    "Now's not the time," Isabel growled when Charlie tried to pull away. "Lock yourself in a room, hide in the basement, decide not to talk to me ever again. Fine! But right now we have to get back to the Pokemon Center before we're buried alive."

    Isabel held Charlie's hand down against Flareon's back and they made their way forward back into the snow.
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