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    "Isabel... why? Why do you still care about me... don't you have someone?" he Charlie uttered from behind. He was forced into clutching the Flareon.

    "Thank you... I suppose" he muttered after some thought. They had made some progress in order to get the pokemon center and all was calm through out the path they took. The snow began to continuously pile.

    "PLOOSH!" a large ball of snow sounded as they made passage and just after Charlie had spoken. Gigantic balls of snow were speeding down. If they were hit it would be the end.

    "Isabel you do know if we're hit it's the end, right? I'm sorry, but know's the time for me to take charge! Piloswine drive us out of the snow!" Charlie shouted.

    The Piloswine emerged out of the pokeball at Charlie's side and Charlie hopped on it.

    "Isabel, I'm sorry for how I feel! Please come on! If the bombardments continue, you'll die" Charlie shouted at Isabel and reached out a hand towards her.

    Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.