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    Originally Posted by SamieNiceGuy View Post
    dam. how should i know if dante is the one saying there will be a release lol cant trust anyone right now

    I always keep the promises

    Originally Posted by s270171 View Post
    Awesome work! How do you make a shiny pokemon appear everytime when scripting?

    ...And(i dont no if this is ur secret or something) how do you change the position of the camera in the game?
    to move the camera you must use the comand
    special 0x113
    applymovement 0x7F @(...)
    waitmovement 0x0
    special 0x114

    Originally Posted by SamieNiceGuy View Post
    stop moaning l he's doing the best he can. And so what if he got the date wrong. is it the end of the world ? no. does it bother you that much. just wait and be patient. like i am.

    also great game like i said before. And have you got an estimate on what gym this would go up to ? if its secret that's okay
    thanks friend..
    your words are wise..
    however as it regards the gym..
    there won't be in the beta 1.
    unfortunately because of my little leisure time I have had to reduce the beta 1.
    but I assure you that in the beta 2 there will be the gym

    Originally Posted by loitraitim View Post
    Where? WAH?
    Creater by U or Xiros?

    PoKéMoN Crono Beta 1!!
    Xiros is my friend..
    he has said that he will surely put my hack on the site of WAH..
    only that to the moment there is a small bug and therefore to the moment it is not possible to put it on the site.
    for this motive I preferred not to put the link of the download on Pokecommunity..
    but no problem.

    Originally Posted by 12345 View Post
    well, i like it.
    The language is english.
    thank you..

    Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
    Hey Dante don't be angry. I just said that I wouldn't recommend making a release date. That's all.
    =====> Goes to play now <=====
    you have not perhaps understood me..
    mine didn't want to be a reproach..
    I have simply said that your affirmation was wrong because the downolad there was.
    I am not and I was not angry
    however thank you for your support

    Originally Posted by ThunderEmblem View Post
    Wow i love this!Im so supporting this.You are using ruby i see.Good luck!
    thank you

    Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
    Well, this is the most planned hack I've seen. The graphics totally rock, and so do the scripts.
    But there is one thing: I had my POOCHYENA but after meeting LANCE it disappeared...
    EDIT: There were a lot of unknown specials in the LANCE script so I deleted them. Works perfectly now.
    But, what to do after the Red Gyarados event? LANCE caught GYARADOS, then I got teleported to some unknown place and then into my house, but I cannot go out because it's night. What to do?
    it is true..
    this is the motive for which I didn't want immediately to put the link of the downolad on Pokecommunity.
    however as you have justly said you..
    all it takes is eliminating the special 0x8E and the script it will correctly work..
    On Wah the bug Fixed will go to release..
    however at the end..
    after the dream..
    the player will find him again to his house..
    during the night..
    and it will decide to go to Draken Ville..
    unfortunately this is the end of the beta 1.
    I know that it is very short.. but I repeat..
    I have had problems of time.

    Originally Posted by Sakibou View Post
    I cannot get the file to patch properly...>.o;
    EDIT: Nevermind...xD!
    EDIT 2: Nope, froze right after I got past the 'Press Start' screen.
    ok "
    Atthe moment there are no updatings.
    soon the bug FIXED will be available.

    I ask to the Administrators to Move the thread of Pokemon Crono in the section Hack Showcase
    because my hack has a beta..
    and I think that there are also enough SCREENS XD

    (I hope that my hack can participate in the HOTM of April )

    and I also ask to change the name of the topic in:
    HOTW #54: PoKéMoN Crono (Beta 1 AVAILABLE)