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    Glad everyone likes them. In this post I'd like to clear up some things I've heard flying round the community and mostly my PM box . The hack is pronounced "Tor-zack" although it is spelled Torzach. I have also been hearing that a few people are somewhat confused about the story, and some saying like it is very similar to actual pokemon games. Well, I tried to make it very different, in that there is no "Evil Team" at all. In the official games the main quest was to stop the evil team from taking over the world. Well, in this hack, they already have. Its your job to take back the country, along with the rangers. Another thing is that these rangers aren't like the rangers in the official games, they are more like a secret police type thing, or if you prefer, the old government, before Enigma took over.
    Anyway, I hope that cleared up some stuff, now I need some advice: What does everyone think we should replace the Pokemon League with? It is definetly going, I'm just not sure what to replace it with. I do have some ideas, but I'd like yours as well
    Last thing, as this post is getting way to long, a new position has opened up for a scripter. I have 2, but we still need one more. They preferably need to have instant messenger, anything except AIM . And I also need some private sprite raters. I have a sprite that needs rating, but I don't want to release it to the public. I'm gonna do something a bit different and say the first 5 people to send me a pm, that look like they can do the job, will get it
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