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    Well, its updated. Hopefully we'll get some reviews this time.

    Chapter 5: Eevee vs. Eevee


    A sharp, shrill caw came from outside the tent, it, coupled with many others; thrust John out of his pleasant sleep. His half opened eyes were greeted with an influx of rash sunlight that flooded his retinas, causing him temporary blindness. His head began to ache from the abrupt awakening. His sad attempt at sleeping in had failed miserably, something he noted when he looked at his watch. Its digital lines revealed the relatively early time of 6:00.

    Mustering his will, he rose from his sleeping bag, and rummaged through his oversized, backpack. Finding his clothes of the day, he pumped his fist in triumph, disrobing. After all, only Eevee was in the tent, a fact that had abruptly came to his attention. The little activity and dull silence worried John. Intrigued and scared at the same time, he threw his clothes upon him, slipping on a pair of denim shorts, and his Four Island Track & Field shirt. Rushing out of the tent, he threw on his hat, grabbed the belt hooked to his poke balls, and shuffled out of the tent.

    “Come on out Eevee.” He called as he exited the tent. The furry fox Pokemon darted out of the fluttering blue tent, its petite paws scathing the dirt and trampling the grass. She was alert and hyper, as she scampered around John’s legs, practically begging to be held.

    John reached down, grabbing the Pokemon by its furry brown tail, and cradling its seemingly frail body. “Did you have a nice sleep, little one?” he asked.

    the Pokemon growled endearingly.

    Outside in the cool breeze, he looked around. The field of grass that seemed to envelope them was the only scenery for miles, barring the occasional trees and hundreds of tents along the horizon. The new trainers seemed to be emerging from their tents to get their breakfast and to begin their traveling. Kindle Road always had plenty of hustle to it, being the most traveled and trained upon area in the island chain. Around him, the gang had gotten to an early start. George was training his Magby using the camp fire, a futile effort aimed at honing its fir breathing skills, whereas Mike was simply feeding Bonsly a bottle. Joey, on the other hand, was teasing Rhyhorn, poking the Pokemon and then proceeding to hide behind it. Most surprisingly was Lindsey, who was in the process of talking to a bird Pokemon perched on her shoulder. As she did, the Pokémon’s musical note shaped head bobbed up and down, a small swath of feathers vibrating as it mimicked the girl. The bird ruffled its blue feathers and accentuated its white coat as it recognized the fact that it had captured John’s attention.

    “Impressive Linds. Most impressive. Congrats on the capture,” John calmly congratulated. He didn’t wish to diminish the capture, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

    “Haha…thanks John,” Lindsey shrugged, trying to be as un-awkward as possible. The effort was in vain, as a brief, tense silence overcame the group. Each one of them had a large, almost stupid grin upon their faces, their eyes revealing that they had something to hide. It was clearly evident that something was up.

    “Well?” John asked, aggravated. It was early, and he had no patience for such things. He wanted to know what was going on, and he wanted to know immediately.

    Joey was the first, clutching an expanded poke ball still attached to his belt. He pressed the circular white button in the middle, catalyzing an explosion of red energy, which congealed into a compact, bird Pokemon. The energy subsiding, the Pokémon’s form was revealed, a short but stout brow creature with spiky, almost aggressive looking feathers, a soft, white layered underbelly, and two relatively insignificantly small legs, connected to three sharp talons a piece. It was a Spearow, a relatively common bird native to the region.

    By now, each of them had revealed a bird Pokemon that they had caught, as low and behold, standing next to Mike was a much larger, blacker starling Pokemon with a small curly feather protruding out from its rather large forehead. The Pokemon looked awkward, almost too pudgy for its size, and even its coloring skewed. Its white feathered underbelly was pocketed with black and brown feathers. The Pokemon, Staravia, was nowhere near as nonchalant and over tired as the bird Pokemon leaning against George, a tired, awkward black crow with an odd growth on his head struggled to keep itself awake and upright. It was practically begging to be returned to its poke ball.

    “Alright Murkrow, I get it. In you go,” the red haired boy commanded, lifting his poke ball and lightly pressing the circular “action” button.

    Looking around at the gang and their respective bird Pokemon, John couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. In a matter of just one day, they had all made their first capture, beating him to the punch. He feared being outcaste and ostracized for not having his first Pokemon. He desperately looked around for a creature for him to catch, scanning the surrounding grass lands. Nothing except for a stray Wingull, a pathetically weak Pokemon that John was not too fond of. It was a funny color though, a strange green hue to it. Almost desperate for a capture, John accepted the unfortunate circumstances, swallowed his pride, and walked over to the seagull Pokemon.

    It was very lanky and petite, its frail frame climaxing with a small yellow beak, white, narrow and permanently bent wings, and a small bushy tail. Green stripes ran up and down both.

    Getting into the mood, John called over Eevee, the eager fox darting as fast as possible.

    “Alright Eevs, let’s start off with a…Tackle attack.” John commanded. His Pokemon jumped on the surprised seagull and pinned him to the ground. Shaken a bit, but not deterred, the Wingull opened up its mouth and shot a blast of water at the fox, jettisoning it into the air and off of the bird. It proceeded to fly into the air, just hovering above ground level.

    “Alright little one. Let’s try something a little less physical. You comfortable with Shadow Ball?” John asked, trying to fight through the urge to just recklessly shout out commands.

    The furry Pokemon nodded, darting a few steps closer to the taunting Wingull. Focusing hard, Eevee squinted its petite eyes, and metastasized a dark black ball, pulsing with blue energy, reminiscent of electricity. Once formed, it immediately shot off, scoring a direct hit at the surprised Wingull, which crashed to the ground.

    “That’s close enough Eevee, good work!” John assured, launching a red and white Poke ball at Wingull. It engulfed it in a flash of red energy, absorbing it into the catching tool. The ball rolled a few times, a small red light flickering on the button. The clamber ended within a few seconds, the poke ball settled down, indicating a capture.

    “Ah, that’s a relief,” John sighed, walking over to the ball and clipping it to his belt.

    “Now that that’s over, can we please go now? We’ve all been waiting for your fat ass to get out of bed, we want to get a jump on the day,” Mike complained, packing the tents. Being new trainers, they were still quite eager and energetic, even in the morning.

    “I haven’t even had breakfast yet.” John whined back, his stomach growling in agreement.

    “Always the whiner ey?” a strangely familiar voice said. John’s heart dropped, his mind consumed with aggravation. He could tell, by the argumentative and confrontational nature of the voice, that it was indeed his “rival.” Nothing irked him more than a cocky, full of themselves kid, and that was an exact representation of Scott’s personality. There was no doubt in John’s mind that Scott sincerely thought he was God’s gift to the world. Turning around, John’s suspicions were realized, as the short male teenager clothed in a green Polo and baggy designer walked towards him.

    With each step the pungent stink of overused cologne drew nearer, the over exaggeration of his self proclaimed flawless hair becoming more prominent.

    “I made an executive decision,” he said, arrogantly, “to travel with you guys.”

    Taken aback but not fazed, John tried to play along. “Oh really?” he said sarcastically, “and what prompted this executive decision?”
    “Well I saw Lindsey with you guys, and I figured, why would a pretty girl like her be traveling with a group of idiots like you? So I figured she’d want some actual strong and good looking companionship,” he shot back, nastily.

    John dropped the civil attitude, and clenched his fists.

    “Alright *******, what in the hell gives you the right to march into our camp and act like that?” John barked, his Pokemon growling in agreement.

    “Put that thing away, you’re just going to get hurt. Besides, it’s pathetic, my Pokemon could blow it out of the water,” Scott bragged, removing his dirty blond hair from his face, exposing his dark, bloodshot hazel eyes.

    “Oh yeah? Put up or shut up.” John snapped, grabbing the new poke ball from his belt. The battle was likely to be 2 on 2, in which case he would have to use his new, untested Pokemon, Wingull. It didn’t look very promising.

    “Okay, but let’s make it interesting. I win, I stay. You win, I leave, and hey, I’ll even throw in my bacon egg and cheese,” he laughed, grabbing a Poke ball of his and thrusting it onto the field.

    “2 on 2,” he said, showing off in front of a growing crowd of early bird trainers.

    A flash of red light and a menacing growl later, a fairly large red lizard stood proud, its small red horn emerging from its head, pointing skyward. It emphasized its long, agile claws, and muscular, prominent arms and legs, staring across the field. Its long tale was a blaze with a small pocket of fire. It was intimidating, but a nice dose of water should but up a good fight.

    “Alright Wingull, let’s see what you‘re made of,” he half sighed, half yelled, throwing his poke ball on to the field. Accompanying the signature flash of light from the poke ball came a glistening shine, sparkles circling the poised bird.

    “Alright Wingull…you know Water Gun right?” John asked skittishly. The bird bobbed its petite head up and down.

    “Good, then use it on the Charmeleon, aim for the tail!” John commanded, pointing towards the reptilian Pokemon.

    “Dodge it, and use Iron tail and Metal Claw” Scott commanded in response. Charmeleon signaled in agreement bending its knees and waiting for the bird.

    Wingull started speedily towards its target, shooting a clumsy yet relatively powerful water gun towards the Charmeleon. The Pokemon instinctively jumped out of the way, but it was nicked by the torrent of water coming from Wingull’s mouth. Regaining its composure, it settled on the ground, a determined look in its eyes. The lizard’s claws glowed a brilliant white, its tail following suit.

    “Alight Wingull, I know how we can block this. Steel Wing!” John commanded, praying for the Pokemon to know the move. Lucky for him, the bird’s wings glowed the same white as Charmeleon’s tail and claws.

    “Wingull, stop the metal claw with your wings, and then use water gun!” John commanded, the fact that he had even thought of the strategy impressing him.

    Wingull did as his trainer told, slamming its hardened wings into Charmeleon’s claws, locking the two in place, and then proceeding to shoot it with a massive water gun. The water gun was all over the place, un-honed, non perfected, yet still effective. It splashed the Pokemon, extinguishing part of the flame on its tail and injuring it greatly.

    “Meleon!” the Pokemon yelled in pain, but soon kicked the seagull away from it. Shaking its head and attempting to regain its composure, it prepared for Scott’s command.

    “Enough games, Charmeleon, Fire Blast,” he demanded coldly.

    The shaken lizard growled, shaking its head fiercely and opening its elongated mouth. A sinister look in its eyes, it revealed its long fangs as fire began to emerge from its mouth in a concentrated blast. As it left the mouth, the blast began to take the form of a five pronged stick figure, expanding as it drew nearer to the paralyzed Wingull.
    “Wingull, fly above the blast and try to use a Water Gun!” John commanded, becoming increasingly nervous about the incoming attack.

    Wingull obliged though, immediately darting into a steep climb into the air, steadily gaining altitude until it had cleared the menacing Fire Blast. Once it emerged above the attack, the bird changed directions, aiming for the vulnerable Charmeleon and concentrating a powerful beam of water toward it.

    The fire lizard didn‘t stand a chance, submitting to its weakness and fainting. Scott became enraged, withdrawing the Pokemon.

    “Unbelievable,” he whispered, astonished, “You got lucky! But not this time!” he shouted from across the field. Scott reluctantly recalled the Pokemon, tossing a new one in its stead.

    John took the time to consult with Wingull. “You tired buddy,” he asked compassionately. It was important to make a good first impression. Immediately the bird nodded, an exacerbated look appearing on its face.

    “Alright bud, take a rest and we’ll talk later,” John agreed, withdrawing the Pokemon into its ball, and lifting up Eevee, who was perched on his shoulder.

    “You ready girl? I think it’s about time we show Scott what we’re made of,” John encouraged, and Eevee responding warmly.

    The fox Pokemon jumped off of his shoulder and onto the ground, a fierce and determined look appearing in its eyes. No doubt it wished to impress its master with a successful first battle.

    To its surprise, however, appeared an identical evolutionary fox, this one male, growling across the field and scratching at the ground eagerly.

    “Now this is going to be interesting,” John laughed, unable to believe at the abundance of Eevee given out this year. One of its evolutions must have been at the daycare and had multiple births, or something of that nature.

    “Ok, Eevee lets kick this off with a Shadow Ball,” he commanded calmly, trying to apply some of the strategies that he learned at school to the real world.

    “Alright, let’s try a copycat strategy Eevee, follow exactly what John’s Pokemon is doing,” Scott commanded, attempting to antagonize John and Eevee. The attempt was not in vain, as the hot headed teenager and newly hatched Pokemon fell for the trap.

    As he was contemplating a back up move, the two shadow ball attacks had commenced, each one crossing in mid air, missing each other by a few inches, and instead, like a heat seeking missile, sought out the opposing Eevee and collided with it. There was no effect though, as ghost attacks did not phase normal Pokemon.

    John was furious with himself, angry that he had ignored and forgotten a basic Pokemon rule, ghost attacks and normal Pokemon do not mix.

    “Copy this *******,” John muttered, “Eevee, Psybeam please,” he yelled without hesitation. The battle was becoming long and tiring, and he yearned for a bite to eat and to continue traveling, so it was crucial he end the battle now.

    Eevee concentrated, much in the same way as it had when using Shadow Ball, or Wingull using Steel Wing, and let loose a powerful batch of bright pink psychic rings, fluctuating in strength and power as they locked onto the opposing Eevee, and reached their target.

    Scott’s Eevee convulsed briefly, pain encompassing the fox until it succumbed to fainting, falling to the ground. Scott quickly withdrew the Pokemon tossed the sandwich towards John, and walked away towards the town in a fit of embarrassment, and to hopefully, heal his Pokemon.

    “Good job girl!” John congratulated, picking up Eevee, messing her fur and kissing her petite head. She purred in agreement, and licked John’s face endearingly.

    As he congratulated Eevee for a win, an awkward Lindsey came up to thank him, becoming tongue tied and skittish as she approached him, per the night before.
    “Thanks for um…standing up for me,” She half whispered, giving him an awkward hug, placing one arm around him and drawing herself abnormally close to him.

    “No problem Linds,” John said, “That’s what I’m here for.”

    There was a chorus of “Aww” from the gathered crowd, which began to disperse after a prodding by George and Mike. John himself, tired, grabbed the wrapped sandwich from the grassland below them, quickly unwrapping it and taking a large bite. It was delicious, probably made by a vendor somewhere further down Kindle Road.

    “Alright guys, let’s get moving. We have a lot f ground to cover today,” John ordered. Thankfully, his friends agreed, and they decided to travel until lunch. They would then take a battle break, travel again until probably four o’clock, possibly go for a swim, and set up camp. Sounded like a plan, if it had not been for Lindsey, who objected.

    “I think we should go back into town and hang out, maybe go shopping or something,” she suggested, coming off a bit strong.

    “Well that’s fantastic you think that, but our original plan was to make our way to Mt. Ember, get some training in, and challenge the gym. Shopping is definitely not in the equation,” George retaliated, confrontationally.

    “John?” Lindsey asked for support. She probably felt she could manipulate him into agreeing with her.

    “I don’t think so Linds. I want to make it to Mt. Ember by tomorrow, hell, even today. Aunt Lorelli may be there too, I want to see if we can catch her, maybe see Moltres,” he attempted to rationally explain.

    “I cannot believe you! You won’t stick up for me even after last night?” she exclaimed dramatically, exaggerating the situation considerably.

    “Whoa, what happened last night?” George asked suggestively.

    “Nothing, ask your lying friend here. He acted all sweet and nice, but that’s not how he is,” she spat back, again over reacting.
    “Oh no, you are not going to pin this on me Lindsey, all I did last night was apologize and make up with you. You’re making this into a scene, when you know full well what the plan was. Now we’re going to Mt. Ember, and that’s final,” John ordered, the group moving towards the towering stone structure in the distance.

    “Count me out then. I’m going to book a room in the poke center. See you later then,” she snickered, moving in the opposite direction.

    “Oh ****,” Joey replied, “now we need make it back before nightfall, she can’t be left alone.”

    The group sighed, their excitement drained by the confusing debate. They shuffled forward, trying to understand Lindsey’s frustration. It would have to be dealt with, however, when they returned.

    To be continued….
    The Sevii Islands Saga
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