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is 1pm okay?
filler filler filler filler filler filler
I might be on by then, but if not early 2 PM I will be on.

Interested in any of your shinies lol, I have

-shiny Chimchar (adamant, with blaze kick and thunderpunch)
-shiny Totodile (with dragon dance, ice fang, and crunch)
-shiny Pichu (timid)
-shiny Makuhita
-shiny Rhyhorn (impish)

All are untouched except the Rhyhorn which has 800 or so random exp lol.
I like the Makuhita, Chimchar, and Totodile.

wht exactly do u want me to do?
Well first what legends are you able to catch? Lugia, Groudon, ect.
Trade thread:

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