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    Thanks Neiko Star!

    I've been too lazy to reply lately, but your recent chapters are great! Was it creepy? I didn't really find it creepy...but maybe that's just me. (Lol, my friends at school say that I have no reaction to anything whatsoever XD)
    Heh, you’re the same as me with non-reacting at horror and such. Horror movies, when I actually watch them, don’t scare me at all like most things don’t (though, put a spider in front of me and it’s a whole different matter ).

    Yeah, as the others have pointed out, it's 'laying' for objects. I've had trouble with that verb too. There also some minor grammar mistakes and typos, but the overall story is great. I would just advise re-reading your chapter before posting it.

    Then again, I never do yeah. xD
    Yeah, not re-reading my chapter before posting is a bad habit of mine. I do try to do it sometimes, but I usually start skimming and missing things. Sometimes, I think I’m way too impatient when posting my chapter.
    "After being saddled with two ten-year-old brats and being sent out on her long overdue Pokemon journey, she can’t help but wonder… is it worth it?"
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