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wtf IV's are XD i know ima noob
lol not knowing what IVs are ain't noobish, and not many people care about them too much ;P. IVs range from 0-31. The higher the number the higher that certain stat will grow example from my shop-

Latios 29/2/29/29/31/31 You see it has amazing IVs, showing it will be a real beast when at 100. that little 2 does not matter since Latios ain't meant for physical attack.

Here is an IV calculator, but you can't tell the IVs of a pokemon at lvl 1, so you have to do either a IV battle, or lvl it up to 20 without saving ;).


Ryperior (lvl 95) IVs 28/10/11/9/24/6
Evs 252 Atk/ 4 HP/ 252 Spe I believe it was

Moveset and Ability?

Um do you have any evd?^^;

Well perhaps I could do some Breeding for you? Natures/Egg Moves, only 31 IV I seem to get is Attack lol
Perhaps :). Um quick question do you ev train at all?
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