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    Well as I promised, a new update =p. That time a musical one, seeing that I've never shown you any game music I'll be showing Uranium's exclusive remixed made by me! Have fun =D. You dont have to download anything to listen them, just click on the links that Windows Media Player will show up (or any other program you use as your pc media player).

    Music list:

    -Moki Town: click here!

    Thats the music for the first town of the game, the one you start in =p.

    -Route 01: click here!

    This one was the first one I made, probably the simplest remix on the list, I like it though.

    -Kevlar Town: click here!

    Second town on the game.

    -Nowtoch City: click here!

    Third city on the game, place of the first gym and also of the first encounter with your rival.

    -Wild Pokémon Battle 01: click here!

    That one as you can see by the title is the wild battle bgm. That one is my favorite so far ;p, I guess it's the team one as well.

    -Trainer Pokémon Battle 01: click here!

    That one as you can see by the title is the trainer battle bgm. I like that it, but not totally satisfied with it..

    note: To make those, I ONLY used the original ones from the games, I got them at

    I hope you liked these remixes, now a little contest to get things more exciting here xD.

    Contest: Which Music It Came From?:

    As you can see by the title, you'll have to guess which original musics I used to make these six remixes! Just post the town/route/place where they appeared and on which game. Who guess more musics correctly gets to see things that won't be show to public anytime soon, like new fakemon, more mids etc..

    Just post the original music on the remixes order to participate.

    Have fun~

    No one is allowed to use these remixes except me!