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    Originally Posted by jAvAcOlA View Post
    You should do something with the SS Anne truck.

    BTW: If you're gonna add another region, it should be Hoenn and not Johto. For one Hoenn and Kanto go together(same time frame) and there's already hacks that include Kanto and Johto.
    I think the reason he's doing johto is that:

    It's right next to kanto

    Hoenn is bigger than kanto and johto (individually) so there's not enough fly spots

    Ruby and Sapphire were he worst (in many people's opinion) pokemon games so far.

    Johto is the most popular official region, and you gotta follow the crowd

    If he uses Hoenn, he'd either have to make new characters, or explain why they went all the way to Hoenn at the same time as the player

    Johto was the second region introduced in the games, so why would a remake of a 1st gen game skip a region that is older than one that is included?

    Also, you could make a flying pikachu fakemon in addition to the surfing one.
    Will you use the gs beta maps in johto?
    Will there be minigames?
    Will some of the Sevii islands be in if you have enough space left?
    Can you upload some videos of the next beta to youtube, and give us your yt user name?
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