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I really like the idea for that horror RP, I would almost definitely play!

Now, my idea for an RP!



The Drakúran War… Forty years since that massive war, spanning eight generations, was ended in a single night… Many legends surround the events leading to the end of the war, but only a select few know the truth. But none of this matters to the average citizen of Maroörh… For Maroörh is experiencing a time of complete political turmoil, Rieszaine Targarin, only son of the Khair of Maroörh, is spending all the gold available to him, from his many business ventures, on building his own personal army. Rieszane’s army is purportedly for the safety of the nation, but many have begun suspecting that he plans to use it to forcefully take the Khairacy from his aging father.

While the Khair is trying his hardest to keep one step ahead of his son, the Targarin Council, advisors to the Khair for centuries, are plotting against the current ruling line, and attempting to crown a faceless man after the Khair and his son destroy each other. Though the Khair, and most of the population know nothing of this, they do see how it is negatively affecting all facets of life in

In this RP you'll play a citizen of of Maroörh, just an average citizen, with no special powers or whatnot, just trying to survive the political manoeuvrings that surround you.

So, what do you think?

Suit Up!

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