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    Originally Posted by Zeta Marx... View Post
    I have some sort of plot line, I guess... but don't expect anything anytime soon. I can barely script, my mapping, while not bad, isn't good, and I can't make sprites to save my life.

    Pokemon: Sinnoh Travesties!

    Ten years after the events in Diamond/Pearl (Not Platnium), and the entire region of Sinnoh has been cut off from the outside world. No information has been passed from any of the other regions, and poverty increased. The league, utterly blind by this, doesn't do much about it, as they're busy with meetings with the foreign leagues. The ones causing this is known as 'The Blank Division'. They blocked off the information networks, and unless you are rich, you wouldn't have access to the internet. The Blank Division is a government agency that is dedicated to protect the interior of the region from threats like Team Galactic, but they were corrupted by Giratina, and blocked off the information network.

    Meanwhile, Cyrus has escaped from jail and re-formed Team Galactic, and was able to successfully hide from the Blank Division, until about this time, when they made their re-appearance. His goal is about the same as last time.

    But while that is going on, Giratina, jealous of Arceus, tries to break free from the Torn World, and destroy Sinnoh, and the world itself, using both the Blank Division, and Neo Galactic as puppets, as well as Darkrai.

    All while going through the eight gyms... yes, they're still in this. After all, the Elite 4 think they're all okay.

    I'm still working out kinks in this storyline.
    Interesting ideas, though quite a few questions rise up: why doesn't the league take notice of the fact that Sinnoh's being cut off? They're the closest thing to a "governing" body we've ever seen in a Pokémon game (even if they're basically a sporting organization), so they'd notice if thier whole region is being cut off. And if their region is cut off, how are they able to meet with foreign regions? Why are they meeting with foreign regions to begin with?

    Of course, Giratina might be controlling the Pokémon League as well, since it seems to be controlling everything else as well.

    I think, from this, that The Blank Division used to be the "good guys," but basically took over because of Giratina's influence, right? Or did Giratina come in later? The way you phrased this, it sounds they were fighting Team Galactic, and then Giratina corrupted them, and then Team Galactic was re-formed, and then Giratina escaped. Which would mean The Blank Division was fighting Team Galactic while Team Galactic didn't exist and it was corrupted by Giratina while Giratina was still trapped in the Torn World. Which doesn't make sense.

    How is Giratina doing this controlling, by the way? Mind control? It's not a Psychic-type and doesn't seem to demonstrate mind-control powers, as far as I know. Why does it decide to use Blank Division and Neo Galactic as puppets anyway, and what does this puppeting involve? Causing them to fight each other and destroy the world themselves? Do any of them ever realize they're being controlled?

    And, while this is a minor thing, it's probably worth pointing out: Cyrus never went to jail. In Diamond/Pearl he just... vanished, pretty much, promising to come back. He wasn't arrested. You could just have him in hiding for a while and then come out of hiding to re-form Team Galactic instead of escaping from jail, unless it's somehow important that he actually be arrested and jailed at some point in the ten-year gap between Diamond/Pearl and your hack.

    Anyway, a lot of questions there. Maybe thinking about them will help you work out the kinks. (Or make them worse. ¬.¬ Eh, good luck.)

    This one is my hack.

    This one is the hack I part-time map for.

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