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    .::Team Name::.
    Team Stardust

    Hello People, as you all know i am unoko.This is gonna be a hack of ,i am starting this hack because i like hacking. i and i wish people is gonna love this hack. i hope you all guys accept my ideas, and join this hack and specially have fun

    .:toryline of Pokemon Adulaia::.
    On a Saturday afternoon,your dads best friend, professor stratus calls you. He explains that he is low on helpers and needs someone to deliver a confidential letter to professor jason. When at professor stratus’s lab you get to choose from three pokemon. You get to have one as a gift and also some protection against wild pokemon in the wild. He suggests you go deliver the letter as fast as possible so he can get a reply from professor jason as quickly as possible. When you get to professor jason’s house you meet his niece or nephew (according to gender) and they challenge you to your first trainer versus trainer battle, while professor jason reads his letter. After the battle professor jason’s (niece or nephew) would like to come back to professor stratus’s lab. Before you leave professor jason reveals something top secret and that you must not tell anyone. He reads It, and excitedly summons you over to a large Machine. Apparently himself and professor stratus have discovered a way to bend space and time, to allow Time travel (remember this now, as it is important in the end of the game.) But, as you may have guessed, there is a catch. Nothing human made is powerful enough to Power this monster. No worries here though, as there have been rumors of a Legendary pokemon who dwells atop Mt. Luxar that has the Power to destroy the entire Planet and take control over SKY SHAYMIN. But, if they can harness this power, they can power hook it up to the machine and Make Scientific history. After he explains everything he sends you off with his reply to go back to professor Stratus’s lab. On the way back you have your first double battle against Gang Alpha when they were trying to take pokemon from a pokemon center. If you beat them Nurse Joy will award you and partner with 5 potions.And after you beat them you find a piece of paper they left on the ground.When you get back professor Stratus reads the letter and the pice of paper left by Gang Alpha and smiles. He gives you each 5 pokeballs and 1 ,master ball each. He explains your primary objective which is to get the legendary pokemon first, but also find the bases of team Rocket and Gang Alpha,then he says lets see what does it says in the piece of paper... he reads it... then he says it seem that there is a plan made by Gang Alpha, they are planning to catch jarachi and fill it up with the power of darkness, hmm... oh no!! it also says this DEAR GIOVANNI huh you think you can catch jarachi before me? well, i am going to catch jarachi and you cant do nothing about it!!! i am gonna catch it and wish... and i will wish to separate the world into 3 dimensions, hmm.. guss what? one will be a mirror world one will be in a dark world and one will be in a normal world, while i and other people lives the life in the normal world,you live in the mirror world trapped no way out and your ridiculous team rocket will live in the dark world where is there no light, muwahahahaha!!!! SINCERELY ANDRO . then professor startus explains getting badges would help with the training of your pokemon. He also cautions you with the dangers of finally going up Mt. Luxar. He says that this is a lot to do in a short amount of time, but if Team Rocket or Gang Alpha get the legendary pokemon jarachi… The world would be doomed, now hear is the mission i will now send you to your journey, but there is a secret mission you have, you have to try to ask SKY SHAYMIN to stop jarachi from going to ilex forest, if you are too late,, it OVER.

    .::Now for jobs::.
    And whatever else out there

    .::Application Form::.
    What is your first name: (you can also put nickname)
    What skills can you put towards this hack: (what job you want)
    Any proof of this skill: (video, pictures etc.)
    Any past experiences: (Have you worked in another team before)
    How can I or another member contact you: (Email?,AIM?,MSN?)

    .::Current Members::.
    Red Apple-EVERYTHING
    nik007_gamer-STORY SCRIPTER
    dragonfirenightmare9-POKEMON INSERTER