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    Originally Posted by SirBigC94
    Do you think you can tell me how you put fakemon onto your Pokemon Topaz Rom Hack? Also, excellent Rom Hack.
    Thanks for the comment man,
    i have to say, sorry if i don't reply or if im slow at replying i only log in every other copule of months or so to check up on things when i get bored lol :D

    To insert fakemon...
    Firstly, lets change the pictures of the pokemon...
    Now download the elitemap package from ---HERE---
    INstall the programme elitemap, and once installed go into the folder where you installed it (install it to the desktop to be able to find it easier.)
    **You must put the ROM you want to hack into the same directory as where you installed it!
    Double click PokePic and open your ROM...
    Then navigate to the picture of the pokemon you want to edit, "shiny pictures are created automatically" so don't attemp to do this.
    Export the image and save it, then Check the box next to backpic and save that (don't use this program for the icons!)
    Open your pics into paint etc... and before you edit the pokemon, make a makeshift palete of all the colours used in that drawing. Because you can only use the colours available (that have already been used (NO MORE)
    **IMPORTANT** the colour of thebackground in the pic will appear see through in the game, so be sure to use EXACTLY the same colour for the background.

    --------I recomend u dont change the PALETTE, it complicates things, but u can...------------------
    You can change the colors available to you for each pokemon, by opening RSball (close POKEPIC first!)
    Dump the GFX bank to get pics of the POKEMON, then find the POKEMON that has the colours (palette) you want to use, copy the text in the box that is named "PAL", do this for POKEMON and POKEMON BACKS for the pokemon (as the PAL for POKEMON BACKS will act as the shiny pokemon palette).
    Then navigate to the picture of the POKEMON you want to change the palete for, and paste the text over the PAL box for the POKEMON then hit "apply pointer changes" and do the same for that pokemon under POKEMON BACKS POKEMON BACK.
    -----WARNING: if you post the PAL text over the GFX text for any POKEMON, you will **** IT UP!
    ---I recomend you keep a clean (unedited) copy of the ROM you are editing to refer back to if you need any code again.

    Once you have done that, export the pics in Pokepic (close RSball first) and edit them like before...

    Also, remember if you are editing the picture for magneton, or other pokemon that when you find them, they are floating, the pokemon that you draw will also be floating, so bear that in mind!

    Once you have edited the Pics, uncheck all boxes on pokepic and go to the pokemon whose, picture you just edited and click import and import the front picture, then hit "COMPRESS/ WRITE BACK TO ROM". Do the same for the backpic (with the checkbox checked for BAckPic).

    ----WARNING: If the picture you have drawn is larger than what it was before, you can still write it back to rom, but the file size of the ROM will increase, making it not patchable by IPS (what happened to mine).
    ---I recomend that you should keep your ROM ips-patchable (trust me its annoying not too lol!) so if you get this problem, just shorten the pokemon's tail or do something.

    Now for the stats
    Open BAseEdit (it comes with the elitemap lot) and select your rom.
    Navigate to the POKEMON who you are editing, and you can change its types, stats, special abibilties and so on.

    Edit the moves a pokemon learns and the HM/TM moves it can learn...

    download this programme (Pokemon amplifier 2007 AE)
    then install it. However this programme is mainly forign and crashes lots!
    BUt it does let you do many things include changing a POKEMON learnable and teachable moves.
    You can google the tool name for tutorials.

    I cannot find links but you can change pokemon icons (the icons you see when going to start> pokemon on the gba) there are two frame for each pokemon.
    USE ICON EDITOR-- i recommend that, there are others

    I cannot find links but, you can change the name of a pokemon, by using N-E-A, this is the easiest programme to do it with.
    You can also use "advanced text" and search for the pokemon's name and write it to INI
    Advanced text, can also be used to edit pokemon's pokedex entries, alongside "DEXTER" (each pokedex entry is split into text fields, so you will have to search for each half in avdnace text.

    Thanks from Bazza
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