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June 4th, 2009

Team name: Omega Development
Team Leaders:Urmel & Mr_Dark
Game name: Pokemon Universe MMORPG
Game website:

Current Members
  • Urmel (Founder, Programmer Client)
  • Mr_Dark (Founder, Programmer Server)
  • Wasabi (Programmer Editor, Mapper)
  • Ilsu (Spriter, Pixel Artist)
  • Kamaran (Mapper)
  • Bakagringo (Vector Artist)
Development Progress
We have released a private pre-beta version of the game to some of the member who signed up on our website. Now we are busy with adding new features and extending the worldmap.

Available Jobs
Below you will find a list of available jobs. All jobs have the following requirements:
  • You live or can work in European timezone. (Most of our members are from The Netherlands)
  • If you can't speak dutch (NL) you have to speak good english.
  • It's preferred if you know how to use an IRC client (like mIRC).
We are looking for 2 types of mappers:

City/Town Mapper - 1 position
Your main task is to build city's and towns with their inside maps.

Cave/Dungeon Mapper - 1 position
Your main task is to design and build caves and dungeons.


Number of open positions for this job: 2

What does this job mean:

  • Enlarge Pokemon sprites without losing quality and details
  • Create/Extend custom text sprites (used for in-game chat)
  • Creating new custom sprites/tiles.
There are two way's of applying:
  • Open a new topic on our website (in this sub-forum)
  • Join our IRC channel and contact Mr_Dark or Urmel. If you don't have a IRC client (yet) you can use our Web Client.
Note: Please don't send me a Private Message on this forum to apply for a job!

All communication between team members go's through IRC.
Channel: #pokemon-universe

Additional Info
  • We only want experienced team members who can produce some good-quality work.
  • We only want team members who are (also) available through the evening/night.
  • All our members are ~20 years, so we only take people who are 16+ (unless you have very good skills and can behave like an adult).
Pokemon Universe MMORPG