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    Originally Posted by Zeful View Post
    This looks really professional, but I have an issue with the Apricorns. When they came up in the games (GSC) they had to be hollowed out and fiddled with in the olden days before they could be used to capture pokémon. In your game they just need to be plucked off a tree. An easy way to fix it would to add a sequence after the time warp, where he learns to make his own primitive pokéballs and then to add a "[Name] turned [Color] Apricorn into [Color] Pokéball."

    But overall, nice concept.
    I don't remember exactly because it's been a few months since I did the research, but as far as I know, the Apricorns were tinkered with to make them more effective. They basically split them in half and added a hinge and a lock mechanism to make it easier to open and close. The Apricorn itself already has the ability to capture and hold Pokémon, but it can be made better.
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