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    And who's living without any feeling...?

    The Meaning of Resistance
    (chapter eleven - the eleventh chapter of the story. this can't end well...)

    Frowning deeply, Sneasel braced himself for the impact. “It’s been good, buddy.” He said softly, under his breath so that the Charizard about to roast him for lunch wouldn’t have another excuse to mock him without mercy.

    Charizard, he knew, would be specifically looking for that.

    “Go ahead,” he said out loud, “do what you like with me. Make me faint, kill me, anything. I will take it like a male either way.” He stood up to his full height (which wasn’t all that much taller than he was previously anyway) and stared Charizard straight in the face. Sneasel had no reason to do something so foolish as to present himself to be barbecued like a cowering wimp; if he was going to be barbecued for a dirt-talking Charizard’s lunch, he would take it like no Sneasel worth his salt would - with honor.

    The Charizard was not fazed, but was rather even more amused.

    “This keeps getting better and better!” the dragon pronounced. He stood on his haunches, pondering the best and most pleasurable way to sauté the little thing. He didn’t expect Sneasel to go anywhere, and Sneasel wasn’t too likely to back down.

    “Oh, yes,” Charizard muttered. “This shall be fun.” As he spread his wings for dramatic effect, the beginnings of a Dragon Pulse were already rushing about in Charizard’s gaping mouth.

    Unfortunately, this spectacular display of spontaneous combustion was cut short by a Thunderbolt that emitted a loud and unpleasant sizzling sound as it hit Charizard in the skull.

    The Charizard coughed and wheezed, still twitching from the mini- explosion that followed the attack. It took a final breath, and thumped to the ground, out cold. Of course, this last breath sounded like something that only the noblest and most respectable Charizards would say when defeated in battle:


    Sneasel made a ‘tsk, tsk’ noise.

    Everyone gasped in unison and began to search frantically for the creature that had summoned such a powerful attack; but the thing responsible was lurking in the trees just outside of their line of sight.

    “Good, Magnezone.” Cyrus turned to his Pokémon, who whirred contentedly.

    “Of course,” Magnezone bleeped back.

    Something stirred in the trees behind Magnezone. He turned around to see what had made the disturbance, as Cyrus didn’t seem to hear it.

    “Who’s there…?” He whispered.

    “Oh, nobody important.” An innocent female voice with just the slightest hint of malevolence echoed out from the trees. A crimson-colored gem glowed from the leafy gloom, illuminating bright yellow eyes and a pink-and-blue face halfway between a wry grin and an evil smirk. It was attacked to a blue body, covered by the bushes. Not a pretty picture, I tell you.

    “Come closer,” Mesprit cooed. “I have something to ask you.” She slipped further into the forest.

    “I need to check on something. I think I heard a disturbance.” The metal Pokemon turned to his owner for a second.

    Cyrus nodded. “Go ahead.” He leaned further into the shadow of the huge building, listening to the uproar a few feet away and deciding he didn’t need to see anything more.

    “What is it?” Magnezone asked. He had arrived in a clearing not far from the space where he had fried Charizard from. He glanced slightly upwards to find the origin of the noise.

    Mesprit was floating in the air, looking down at him. Four thick, pink, tube-shaped appendages with rounded edges stuck out of the sides and back of her head. The same pink color circled around her eyes and baby-blue face like a mask. Two long tails flowed down from the blue body, each one ending in spikes and another gem.

    She smirked at him. Magnezone was about to ask again what she wanted, but was cut off by a chant that made her objective quite clear.

    “I call upon the higher powers bestowed upon me by the Unknown One,” she muttered. “I call upon my powers to mold the emotion of this metal creature to my will, and to keep it until I may dislodge it or its consciousness is lost, should that be the case.” Mesprit wanted to say ‘no matter what’ but Arceus forbade her; so she did the best she could.

    Magnezone blinked.

    “Y-yes, Mistress? What do you require of me?” He asked, making another odd bowing motion.

    Her malevolent grin widened as she explained to Magnezone what she wanted him to do…

    “Of course, my Mistress. I will follow your instructions to the syllable.” He bowed again and turned to leave, heading back for Sandgem Town. He didn’t consider for a second the effects this would have on his Trainer.

    Cyrus watched as Magnezone flew over him and into the town, where the uproar from the battle had died down and Kris, Caro, and Rin were back to their flame war. Caro looked away for a second and noticed Magnezone skid to a halt. All eyes were on Magnezone as Caro nudged and pointed to Kris. She turned, and fell slack-jawed before running the other way very, very fast (along with everyone else).

    For, you see, Magnezone didn’t seem to know what in the name of Arceus he was doing. He was electrocuting everything.

    There were electric sparks flying as he sent various attacks in every direction he could reach. People began to scream and retreat to their homes, but Sandgem town wasn’t big enough for everyone to find a way away; he was blocking the north exit, and the other land route was blocked off by a fallen tree, now on fire; not many people had Surfing Pokémon on them, either. Darn the starter Trainers who hadn’t found the Hidden Machine Surf yet.

    Mesprit watched in great amusement from the underbrush as Cyrus analyzed the situation silently. If he just stood here out of sight, Magnezone would overheat and quite possibly explode. If he didn’t, well… if he didn’t, he would have to run out into the town square, shut Magnezone down, and get himself, Caro, and Kris out of there before anybody saw him.

    Mesprit had it all planned out.

    It was genius.

    Magnezone was beginning to overheat, and sooner or later Cyrus would have to run out, leaving himself open for Mesprit to attack and to be seen by passerby. Or, alternatively, lead him to explode and make her mission much easier.

    She began to giggle as Cyrus made his decision.

    He bounded out into the town square, shoving screaming citizens out of his way. Most of them were running for their lives, and the rest had only a split second to se him before he kept moving and was swallowed up by the crowd (they all probably thought they were hallucinating). He soon got to Magnezone, who was reaching the danger zone by now. Mesprit’s smile slowly began to sink into a frown as she suddenly recalled his talents with machines.

    He leaped onto Magnezone’s top half, positioning both feet on the magnets on either side. He held on to Magnezone’s antenna with one hand, and with the other began to frantically remove a panel on the metal Pokémon’s back. He knew this thing inside and out. However, trying to deactivate a bucking Magnezone who is quite capable of exploding at the slightest screw-up made the operation a bit more difficult.

    Most people had gotten into their homes by now, and were shoving their heads up against the window panels trying to catch a glimpse of their almost-savior. They were pretty happy with the guy; at least they were, until a particularly bright Zap Cannon lit up the previously-silhouetted form of the person on Magnezone’s back as it dropped to the ground with a thud.

    A woman watched the scene from the window of a Pokémon Center from behind dark sunglasses. There were so many emotions swirling around in her head, she couldn’t quite decide on one to put on her face.

    Everyone else jumped in surprise when the Magnezone fired the Zap Cannon, lighting up the lunatic trying to shut it down – wait, that wasn’t right... She just began to shake violently. Dizzily, she made her way back to her room.

    She ignored the murmuring people saying such pleasant things as, “He’s supposed to be dead!” “What in the…” “This isn’t possible!” “Hey, have you healed my Bidoof yet?”

    Cyrus returned Magnezone as he ran, grabbing Caro and Kris by the arm as he tore off into the forest moving towards Twinleaf Town. Their mad sprint for the exit was fairly undisturbed, as the only other moving creature in the immediate area was taking a much more direct (and much higher) route.

    Mesprit left for her cave, grumbling angrily.

    “That little pest!” She hissed. “I made a perfect plan, and that scummy Link-spamming dingbat screwed it all up!

    Messing with Legendaries, as you should realize by now, is a very messy and serious affair (ignoring, of course, the fact that humans taste like chicken). Thus, it was not recommended by anybody. Ever. But people still did it, for whatever deluded reasons they have in their heads. Most of the Legendaries give the punishment, and once they’ve done their share of the work shrug it off and continue with life as planned. But not Mesprit.

    No, not Mesprit at all.

    She usually goes along with it just as all of the other Legendaries did, and all of the other Legendaries (at least those of them smart enough to realize Mesprit wasn’t entirely a bubbly ball of fluff) accepted that gratefully. But this was the first time for quite a while that she’d lost her calm like this, and all of the other members of the celestial Cool Kids table knew something was going to go very, very wrong with Mesprit’s desire for twisted justice.

    And the worst part was, nothing in their extensive power could be done to stop her.

    Most Legendaries can’t control most other legendaries (the exception being Rayquaza and the Sootopolis incident, and a few other instances). This was pretty much because nobody thought Mesprit was going to go off the deep end except Uxie and probably Suicune (who’s wary of everyone anyway), but really - who would bother to listen to the being of knowledge?

    Pfft. Nobody, of course!

    Mesprit teleported back to her cave, frowning deeply. It would be rather difficult to describe what she was saying and keep any sign of respect for the younger crowd (without her speech bubble consisting of a very, very long line of dashes and/or asterisks), so it shall just be said that she was very, very angry and was speaking as such.

    “That was fun,” Kris said coldly as they caught their breath in a separate area of the forest, hopefully far away enough from Sandgem Town.

    “Caro nearly got himself beaten to a pulp, Magnezone went on rampage, you went out in public, I’ve got an annoying pest who likes to whine about people to look out for, and someone is trying very hard to screw up our lives. Something is going very, very wrong here!”

    She growled as a large raindrop fell with a plop on to her head. Kris’ short temper was beginning to shine through.

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