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Originally Posted by aquadan View Post
Well i read the first page..
i really cbf reading all 10 and im gonna take your first post has be updated many times :)

in your type charts your missing Ghost type
Also the Grass/steel starter: just cos its Steel Doesnt mean it has to be a dull gray... its looks very boring and needs some colour
also the fire starter and its evo look to diffent, i mean you got a bear dog hybrid which turns in to a cat horse?? wtf??i think you should make the starter more feline :)
also whats the water type ment to me based on its kinda like a blob with horse legs...
sorry if im a bit harsh.... my main point, its the grass starter looks really bad, and only cos of colours, also made add some sort of Grass theme to it, like some leaves, bulbs or a flower, i mean the starter could have a flower then it evo's and it besomes some dead petals and its evo has no flower..:)
Since I sprited 'em, I'll answer this as well. (and I really do appreciate ths criticism; it's much more interesting than all the bland "ur game rox :) :)" or "when is dis hack gon be released??!?" comments)

For the grass starter line, we're trying to break free from the stereotype that grass-type=visible flowers, fire-type=fire on its body, etc. (Don't say anything about Flager.) You're probably right in that it doesn't scream "grass" to look at it, but... look, it's cute, it's green, it learns grass-type moves (especially Leaf Blade). We're not changing it. Also, wildcat + armor = cool.

The fire starters are big cats, they go cub -> cheetah. Not all Pokemon keep the same colors upon evolving, either; the change is especially drastic for these guys because there's only two stages for the starters.

The water starters are highly stylized hippocampi (horse-mermaid-things) with a bit of Lanturn mixed in. :3 They don't really resemble anything, but... that's okay, right? They look cool. At least I think so.

We're not changing 'em, but it's good to hear what you think.