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    Originally Posted by score_under View Post
    Not that I've created myself - oh dear, I'd forgotten all about my attempt to document all the commands :s

    The blob of blobs has created a script generator console app, and there is an "official" script generator included in my PKSV package.

    Aside from that, the best way to learn scripting is through decompiling scripts made by the creators of the game - they know best, as they programmed what each scripting command should do!

    Yes, it would... it'd also be amazingly difficult to program I would need a little help with that.
    what'd be even harder would be a 1st gen script editor, but thats cause the 1st gen games' data is "cluttered". You also said this'd be the first 2nd and 3rd gen scripting tool, but that may cause the 2nd gen to get a bunch of "crap hacks" like the 3rd gen (by crap hacks, I mean basically all hacks people gave up on because of difficulty, even though there are more than enough tools out there; hacks with a lot of swearing, and... other stuff...; etc) Anyway, I hope you finish making this tool, it looks great so far, just don't make it like pokescript where the tool compiles garbage data to the rom, wasting space and the time it takes for the hacker to try to free up that garbage space again.

    anyway, you don't have any support banners and xse does, so here's one I made in like 5 minutes You don't have to use it if you don't want to
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