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    Originally Posted by ~Undefined~ View Post
    Another problem... On the Prism thread it said on the type chart that fighting has no bonus damage against abnormal, but when a Machop used karate chop on my Porygon, it was super effective.
    I'm not sure but my guess would be that Karate Chop may not be a Fighting-type attack in the game. There are a few moves like that, for example Gust is neutral on my Porygon2 but Peck is super effective.

    I'm having a rocking time on this game. I was curious as to how happiness-based Pokemon would evolve in this game, but I wasn't keen on using a Golbat to find out. I've just beaten Giovanni in the warehouse and so far the only glitches I have encountered were being done damage by Focus Energy one time, and my Croconaw temporarily having infinite heatlh.

    Some people in-game are pretty darn creepy, too. One trainer tries to kill you with his Fearow (which he didn't actually battle me with).