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    Thanks for the reply! That gave me a lot to think about. In case anyone cares, the idea originally came from an annoying meme that is rampaging around the interwebz about a blue amphibian pokemon... <.< I imagined a guy who was eating a mudkip and offering the trainer a piece stating well... (So I heard you like mudkips?) *shot repeatedly*

    A few ideas I had were also similar to the lines of what you stated (slaves) but it just didn't seem that appealing to me. I liked the idea of fighting the evil people directly. I also had this as an idea for the bad guys. They are not randomly killing fluffy animals. Pokemon hurt humans too.


    The bad guys come from outside (some other region) where pokemon do not exist. They believe in human superiority and wish to eradicate lower life forms so they will thrive. Unfortunately, their idea is not popular at all. Coincidentally, a few years later, large quantities of food start to go bad. This group stands up and says that the only way that humans will survive is too eat the Pokemon. They get into power, but since you disagree with them, you are sent as an outcast. You then go out and help save some pokemon and taking them to safe places. You meet up with some other people and start to get power back. Infiltrate the lairs of the main authorities, and replace them with the Pokemon loving friends that you have made.