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    Originally Posted by triplexh18 View Post
    #org 0x8036F7
    checkflag 0x8C0
    if 0x1 goto 0x8803731
    msgbox 0x880373A MSG_NORMAL //"OSCIZOR!"
    playsong 0x156
    applymovement 0x14 0x8803734 <---- Is the event id from turned into hex? This is probably why Oak isnt moving.
    waitmovement 0x0
    applymovement 0x14 0x8803736 <---- same here
    pause 0x30
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x1FF 0x0 @2 @ 3
    msgbox 0x8803746 MSG_NORMAL //"Hold on OSCIZOR!\pI know you are\n..."
    playsong 0x155 0x0
    waitmovement 0x0
    fadesong 0x12C
    #org 0x803731

    // Strings
    #org 0x80373A
    = OSCIZOR!
    #org 0x803746
    = Hold on OSCIZOR!\pI know you are\ntrying to go onto battle this\lman but you see..I can't let you.\pThe reason being is\nthat you were not supposed to\l get this far and fight him...\pMy grandson was supposed to.\pAnd if you beat him...\lyou...\nyou will just ruin everything!\pWHY ARE YOU TRYING\nTO RUIN EVERYTHING!

    // Movements
    #org 0x803734
    #raw 0x62 //Exclamation Mark (!)
    #raw 0xFE <-- This is end of movements
    #org 0x803736
    #raw 0x52 //Jump in Place (Facing Down)
    #raw 0x1D //Step Down (Fast)
    #raw 0x1D //Step Down (Fast)
    #raw 0xFE
    I didn't look into your script too much but I can point out a few errors that might be messing up your script.
    Changes and stuff are in bold.

    You should also put this in the script help thread :X
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