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    Originally Posted by NecromancingSaga View Post
    Remember people, you have to patch a CLEAN pokemon rom.

    Ps. Any johto pokemon that you guys can suggest for my team?
    (blastoise, xatu, ninetales, golem, ampharos) oh and i found a legendary, but the damn dog keeps using roar and disapears, also when i throw a ball always misses and is really annoying.
    Yanma/mega. Speed is awesome. I'd replace Ninetales with Houndour/doom
    EDIT: I suppose Yanma isn't really counted as Johto because of Yanmega, but whatever, it's still awesome.
    EDIT2: Could someone pretty please tell me where to find the masterball? I'm gonna go to secret cave and I wanna catch Mew while I'm there, so I don't have to go back