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    Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
    So, I'm not sure if this is a glitch but I dont think anyone else has commented on it. In the basement of the Castro Mansion, the sign that for all I can tell is supposed to have a switch on it (close to the burglar saying he wishes he had this basement) does not do anything. No text, no shifting boulders, nothing. Is this really a bug or am I just missing something?
    You have to talk to the front part of the signpost.

    Don't worry, I'll be releasing a new patch to fix many of the minor glitches in a few days. And this time, your Pokedex own won't reset.

    Originally Posted by Bunneth View Post
    ^Well mine worked perfectly fine.

    Is the Dubious Disk in this game?
    You will get that in the new quest that isn't finished yet. As well as the Master Ball.

    Originally Posted by rednano12 View Post
    *Hyperventilates and dies* CBM and others are using my userbar :D:D:D:D:D I can problably make a better one. Which sprites do you want on it?
    Whatever you want. Be creative.

    Originally Posted by Bunneth View Post
    Hmm. There may be a little HM problem in game. I can now Surf on my Yanma and FLY ON MY FERALIGATR.

    I'd love to see a flying alligator thing personally.
    Surfing on Yanma was done on purpose, but Flying with Feraligatr, not so much. Will be fixed later.