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    I guess, forgive the triple post. Dunno why anyone hasn't posted at all, not even about the screens. =/

    Small Update
    I've revised most of the events up to about Goldenrod, so now text will be displayed as fast as the text-display you'll choose at the beginning of the game. I've also edited the NPC chats so that there's less splintered text around (having pieces of text in another dialogue that could've fit in the previous one). And I've also had to fix a few Surfing events that didn't really work the way they should've. Before workiing on Goldenrod through Cianwood/Mahogany for the next few days, I'll also have to fire up my Gold or Crystal rom (I think I was basing the game more on Crystal, though) and find a few location teleports and missing NPC text I somehow forgot to include when taking care of Union Cave, Azalea Town, and Ilex Forest. I'll possibly finish revising sometime next week/the week after.

    Once that's done, I MIGHT consider a demo release for everyone to see the changes, as well as try exploring that Goldenrod Cave. Of course, I'll have to figure out how to work in the Pier unlocking. My original plan was to unlock it after you beat Team Rocket in Goldenrod, and it should still work out that way.

    Also, I'll ask Pingu how things are going with the CBS if he doesn't post in a few days. XD
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