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    I just wanna c wat people think of this idea


    Basic Info
    Name: Pokémon
    Code base: Pokémon Fire Red (U) [BPRE]
    Date started: April 16 2009
    Creator: PBFHDude
    Language: English

    New Region Spriteria (Name may be Changed)
    251 Pokémon (Kanto & Johto)
    16 New Pokémon
    New Hero/Heroine
    New Rival (Member of Team Heartless)
    New story
    New Team Heartless (Name may be Changed)
    New Legendary (No name yet but is a Dark/Fire type)
    New Charmeleon evolution

    3 months earlier... Youre a 16 years old and birthday and your older brother Noah gives you your first Pokémon which is a Charmeleon before he leaves on his Pokémon journey.

    Present day... Its been 2 months without contact from Noah and you and your family are getting worried, one day on your way back home from Station Town a guy in a red and black uniform comes approaches you. He offers to sell you a Gym badge case, when see it you recognise it as the badge case Noah took with him, you grab it and try to question him but he sends out a Seadra who uses smokescreen and he gets away. You run home and your mum calls officer Jenny, when you tell Jenny everything she and the police team go to investigate. Even more worrying pokemon have been going missing and dangerous hybrids have been appering. Unable to do nothing you go to try and find Noah yourself collecting badges to fill the case on the way, you and your trusty Charmeleon go in search for Noah across the region of Spriteria to find Noah and find out whats happening to the pokemon!