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Originally Posted by blastimpulseee View Post
I've got the newest version (thanks for the update!) but I'm having some trouble.
I use the HM-Move generator and I type in
#dynamic 0x700000
as the first line but it says that it's an unknown command. --> "Warning: Unknown command "#dynamic""
Also, "checkattack CUT"- you need to put it in intergers? --> "Unknown value in CHECKATTACK (Value must be integer)"

Thanks. :D
You only extracted the new PKSVUI.exe, didn't you? XD
You need to extract every single file in the ZIP, and into the same folder.

The "unknown command #dynamic" means you haven't updated PKSV.exe, and the "Unknown value in checkattack" means you have an absolutely ancient PokeInc.txt

If you downloaded the "pksvui_only" zip file (I uploaded that by accident ) then get the other one: old version
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