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Originally Posted by blastimpulseee View Post
Ah, I see. Well it's working now. ;D
I'm just having trouble with the HM-Move still. (CUT on a tree)
So I start with this using the generator:

And then I change the #dyn to #dynamic 0x700000

Then I click compile, and the offset comes up. I copy that and place it in Script Offset in A-Map. However, I open it back up and get

Don't know what that is, but obviously, the event itself didn't work.
I'm probably doing something wrong, but what is it? xD

Oh also, what command is used to change the music of a WILD BATTLE (generated by the generator)?

I think to change the music you alter this command (although I have no time to test it today):
special 0x138
This can be changed to 0x143, 0x137, or 0x139.

The generated script not compiling is in fact a bug [sprintf() is cutting out at "\\h"]. Use this script instead:
#dyn 0x700000
#org @start
special 0x187
compare LASTRESULT 2
if == jump 0x81A7AE0
checkattack CUT
compare LASTRESULT 6
if == jump @donthave
setanimation 0 LASTRESULT
storepokemonvar 0 LASTRESULT
storeatk 1 CUT
msgbox @doit
callstd MSG_YESNO
compare LASTRESULT 0
if == jump 0x81BDF91
msgbox 0x81BDFD7
doanimation 2
' -------------------
' Enter the code here for what happens when the attack is used

' -------------------

#org @donthave
msgbox @donthavemsg
callstd 0x3

#org @doit
= Do you want to use that attack\non this[.] thing? Replace this message with something else. Please.

#org @donthavemsg
= You don't have the correct attack. Also replace this message.
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