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Team name:
Pokemon Abyss

Team Leader:
Current Members: fullmetal642
Current Game title:
Pokemon Abyss

Current progress made:
just started i have the story and up to 30+ original pokemon
and a few
Position(s) needed:
Spriters (fakemon MUST BE able to do so off drawn images and overworld)

Timezone: Est
Preferred Method of contact:
email @ [email protected]

Or just PM me or the pokemonn abyss page
Additional info:
There is an information page on the plot and story idea area under the same name but sorrily i can not put other urls on this page yet it will be updated when i am able to any that helps will receive a shiny eevee and shiny favorite evolution as well as a cameo in the game and as well as to name and/or create a a legendary for the game