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    Thanks guys/Diego! However, one more problem:

    Now the script works, but I can click on the guy again, and AGAIN he moves back. I tried doing it so the script is IN FRONT of the tile he is on, rather than on himself, but now everytime I step on the tile, the script executes, and he moves even yet again!! To the point he's standing in other mountain tiles; which is fake looking.

    I realize I need to use the 'setflag', but can you add it to the script to show me how's it's effectively done?

    And what's wrong with this script(I know I'm missing good chunks of commands). When I step on it, it's supposed to be EARTHQUAKE, but instead the game freezes:

    #org 0x1F0FE0
    special 0x136
    msgbox 0x81F0FF0 MSG_NORMAL '"What!? What was that?"
    ' Strings
    #org 0x1F0FF0
    = What!? What was that?
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