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    Originally Posted by mineowyn View Post
    Hi I'm using your method for the trainer intro screen.. I was wondering how did you make the original coloured caterpie B&W (or grayscale)??

    Well, you should just be able to click "black and white mode" in unLZ-GBA.

    Originally Posted by steveoday1 View Post
    how do you edit the fire that goes on in the background? i went to sprite 138 on unlzgba and i just got a grey square, please help!

    It may not be EXACTLY number 138. That's what it is for me. You may have run deep scan, or perhaps I did. I can't recall. Anyway, you may have to search for it a bit.

    Originally Posted by ThunderEmblem View Post
    I need help i can't put a suicune into the black areas what i mean is like put it into a puzzle u have on picture four.

    It should fit, if you're using the sprite from the game. They're all the same size.


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