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    made a journey in all 4 regions (kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh)
    Your goal is to get 8 badges and win the elite 4 in all regions (each one seperately)
    You always get a starter, as soon as you reach a new region.
    You cannot use your pokemon from a previous region, unless you reach the pokemon league, where you are allowed to call 2 pokemon from your previous squad to help you.

    * all pokemon will be catchable.
    * the gameplay will be the well-known versions of red, gold, saphire, diamond mixed together.
    After you beat all four regions, you have the chance to go to the battle frontier (exactly the same as emerald version)
    There you can call up all your previously owned pokemon.
    Once you won all pokemon leagues, they will be automatically updated (higher level oppenents) so you can train there before getting to the battle frontier if you want.

    Each region will have its rival + a standard rival which will follow you everywhere (like Gary-when he gets to a new region, he cannot call up his old pokemon)

    The reason why I am interested in creating such a hack rom is because I want something that will last a long time.
    Wait for your comments.
    If anyone else is also should reply here (we can only include 3 regions if you prefer)