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    I’ve got an idea about a Legendary garden, you start out in a plane, you land in pridosa town... from there your dad asks you to come inside because its raining, when you go inside you see a large house, after some moderate small talk you are asked to design your room. You can make it just the way you want. Then your dad finds you playing with your new Nintendo Virtue, a game system that I made up. He asks you to go to the neighboring town and buy some groceries for his new Pokémon farm. You begin your trek on route 187, there are allot of Pokémon, to keep you safe your dad has left you with his trusty pure breed treeko. And soon you are at the neighboring town of Varidna Falls. It’s a large city; your character looks around to take in the large buildings and the many shops. But you notice the odd purple mist shrowding the outskirts of the city. Just as soon as he noticed the mist he had been over run by human like things in black jumpsiuts. With no money, no Pokémon, and a sharp stinging pain over his left temple, you black out. You wake up; there are alot of people standing around you with gifts, cards, and flowers. you begin to remember what hapended, but you take a second look around, those 'people' arent people theyre pokemon, legendarys to be exact. So now you’re stuck on a mystic island, surounded by pokemon that make your treeko look like a pea, no idea were you are, you’re stuck on the legendary island.

    Characters that have been mentioned
    You- a teenage boy/girl
    Your dad Paul- A 25 year old single man
    All of the legendary Pokémon- they have not yet been discovered (or they can be the children IDK YET...)

    Not mentioned characters
    Mom- is the elite four champions
    Breeding assistant twins Kerry and Kammy- Paul’s not so secret lovers

    Seven of the not special gym leaders
    1- Manny- the Ghost trainer
    2- Wilma- the Steel/ Rock trainer
    3- Norman (from honen)- Normal trainer
    4- Derik- the Ice/Water trainer
    5- Paige- the Poison/Dark trainer
    6- Burney- the Fire trainer
    8- KK & Karen- Grass trainers

    Spatial gym leader
    7- If you’re playing as a boy her name and type is – Nina- the Physic trainer, if you’re playing as a girl than his name is Nikko- the fighting trainer

    Other trainer categories
    Cool trainer, bug catcher, physic, maiden, old man/women/old couple tag battle, young couple, scientist, professors, bird tamers, messengers, rangers, ninjas, knights, Draco trainers, and many, many more!!!