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    Originally Posted by PBFHDude View Post
    Dude has a point however i live in england and we recently had a 13 year old dad.
    Yeah, I didn't say that it doesn't happen. Heck, I've seen 12-year-old girls get pregnant. But just because it can happen doesn't mean it's normal. If a guy has a kid when he's a teen, that alone would do a lot to change his life--assuming he doesn't abandon the kid (and Paul apparently doesn't), he'll be spending his high school years taking care of a baby. If a guy has a kid when he's still a kid himself? That'll affect his whole life, and a whole lot of his personality, too.

    The way the original poster just mentioned the ages so casually, I figured he hadn't stopped to think that 25-year-old dad + teenage child = father at 12. It's not impossible, but it's not something that you can just drop into a story without considering the ramifications on the characters' personalities and their lives.

    ... What does living in England have to do with the age of dads?

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