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    Well first of all i would like to say hello.I went through the tutorial i knew most of the things but the map script part was interesting probably gonna use it.thanks for your effort.
    Now i created a new map.It's a second floor on the hero's character house.Gonna make the dad reasearching on pokemon and probably add some interesting scripts but now i would like to work on mapping as i find it more interesting.
    here's the 1st floor where the hero's room is and i made there the swap thingy

    and here's the 2nd floor his dad's secret lab.i am thinking of making something like putting a sprite infront or w/e in order to not let the hero get up to his dad until a point of the game. so here's the map.
    the warp that takes me the lab but when i want to go back to the hero's room i can't.any ideas?
    P.S. i will put the links of the images on my siggy cause the forum won't allow me till i get 15 posts.>.<
    well i can't show em in my profile either so just go to my profile and then hobbies.I would really appreciate any help.
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