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    Double posting OMG! I sure hope Asstinuts forgivs me!!! Short and boring chapter this time, but I have some treats saved up for the next chapter. The plot finally starts to unveil! EEEEK!!!

    Second Chapter

    in which several mysteries happen (you know, so thay y'all get acquaintanced with the concept)

    The battle proved to be quite short.

    It began when Bianca told her Ponyta, Blaze, to attack Hearts the Wigglytuff.

    "Hearts, dodge", Usa-chan yelled, her bunny ears in an attentive position.

    When Hearts didn't manage to dodge the attack, Marcus began to think that maybe Usa-chan and Sora weren't such super-people after all. He let out a relieved sigh.

    "Don't sigh yet," Susanne warned. "Watch."

    As Hearts was trying to recover from the hit it had sustained, Moonlight begun to glow with a dark aura. It started to run towards its two opponents while collecting more and more darkness around itself. Then, suddently, it let out a shriek and uleashed the black, scary aura.

    "What? Dark Pulse? Where did she..." Marcus was simply astonished. Hadn't Sora said that she had gotten Moonlight only a few days ago? How come it already knew a powerful move like that? He started to feel like running away.

    So did Bianca. Her Ponyta was instantly KO'd by the attack, and so was Ripper's Seviper.

    As Ripper took out a Pokéball to send in another Pokémon, she muttered something to herself. "So, this is what Mr. Massimo was talking about." She looked at the Pokéball in her had for a second and then put it back to her belt. "This calls for something more special!" She yelled and took out another ball, this time a completely blue one. She threw it to the battle field. "Go, Feraligatr!"

    Susanne gasped as the huge, blue creature growled at Usa-chan, Sora, and their Pokémon. It had to be at least twice the size of a normal Feraligatr. Its claws and red, spikey cusps took Susanne's and Marcus's attention for a second, but then they noticed its sturdy, powerful jaws, too. It was a truly intimidating sight. Even Usa-chan and Sora seemed a bit startled. Moonlight, however, did not. It seemed to be even more agitated now that it had a more powerful opponent.

    "I spent years and years training this precious Feraligatr," Ripper announced proudly. "It was my starter way back then. We have a deep connection between us, and he has a lot more experience than all your Pokémon combined. This match, my dear darling, you will not win with something as puny as Dark Pulse."

    "We'll see about that!" Usa-chan screamed in a glass-breakingly high tone. "I also share a special connection with my starter! Go, Mitts!" She threw a pink Healing Ball to the field.

    For a second, Ripper had a hint of doubt in her eyes. Then, Mitts the Skitty materialized in front of the Feraligatr. The size difference was simply rediculous. Mitts had no chances whatsoever.

    "A Skitty? As a starter?" Marcus asked in disbelief.

    "Oh, come on! Sora had an Eevee!" Susanne snapped.

    "Kawaii," Sora said to Mitts with a tone and an expression that probably would have killed all malignant people - and practically most of any other kind of people as well - on the spot with the sheer sweetness of it.

    Mitts nodded at her and started glowing a great, white light.

    "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" yelled Marcus. "Is there a Moon Stone here somewhere? Please tell me there's a Moon Stone here!"

    "With these two, you never know," Susanne sighed. She couldn't watch anymore. It was too much for her to handle, even if she had gotten used to traveling with Usa-chan.

    The Skitty, while glowing the bright light that was familiar to all Pokémon trainers, started to change shape. She got taller, her ears grew larger and her feet became cosiderably slimmer.

    "This is soooooo exciting," Usa-chan screamed in excitement.

    "She's becoming so beautiful," Sora said with her warmest, kindest voice. It sent chills up Susanne's spine.

    Luckily, Ripper wasn't stupid. She had begun to realize what was going on around these two girls, and she did not want to let her precious Feraligatr to get beaten by a Delcatty commanded by an amateur trainer. Only the thought of it made her heart nearly stop, so she snorted and called Feraligatr back. "This isn't over," she yelled at Usa-chan and Sora. Compared to their voices, her voice sounded like that of an old crow with a severe case of throat cancer. "We'll get you before you know it!"

    "I'd like to see that," Usa-chan yelled back at her and took a pose she thought was really cool: she stood on one foot and crossed her arms like she was going to start a karate match or something. She looked at Ripper menacingly from behind her bangs.

    "Oh, dear mother in heaven," Ripper muttered, rolled her eyes and turned around.

    "We won! Yeah!" Sora laughed and danced around with Moonlight. "We beat the bad guys, Usa-chan!"

    "You did not," Bianca said, standing firmly with crossed arms and staring at the two girls. "We will get you, that's as sure as the fact our team is called Team Helicopter!"

    "Oh... Then, is your team's name maybe Team Airplane?" Usa-chan joked and laughed together with Sora. Several small birds fell from trees and were already cold and limp once they reached the ground, almost as if they had never been alive.

    Bianca snorted. "We have to prepare better next time," she told her underlings, "even I did not see this coming." She turned back to Sora. "Sora Tranquility Crystal Mary Susan Hikari Tsukino! This is not over!"

    "How could she remember her name if she only heard it once?" Marcus pondered.

    "Don't bother, Marcus, don't bother!" Susanne shook her head. "We better go back to those two before they thin we've been kidnapped." She stopped for a while, looking like she remembered something, and shivered. "Trust me, you don't want Usa-chan to think you've been kidnapped."

    "What an awesome fight that was," Marcus shouted. He was already halfway to Usa-chan and Sora. Susanne smiled at his back. Quick to learn, as always, she thought.

    "You think so?" Sora smiled in a disgustingly sweet way.

    "Yeah. Especially that Dark Pulse. It took my breath away," Marcus boasted. "It was like whaaaam.... BAM! You know?"

    "Yeah," Usa-chan agreed. "It was a real BAM, all right. But I really think I should put a purple bow on Mitts. It would look so kawaii! Don't you think, Kitsuneko?" Usa-chan looked around her, confused. "Eh? Where did Kitsuneko go?"

    "Ah, she's still in the bushes, the silly thing," Marcus said while smiling like an idiot. He turned to Susanne. "Kitsuneko, come here!"

    Susanne was crushed. Here she had thought she finally had some intelligent company, but now it didn't look like it anymore. She slowly started to walk towards the rest of the group, soaking wet with cold sweat. She was sure she'd meet premature death because of Usa-chan and Sora. If not for any other reason, then solely for the sake of the girls being able to be true martyres and avenge her death like good friends. She shivered. She should escape. But she already knew it was no use to waste her energy on trying to escape, because Usa-chan - and now probably Sora, too - would come and find her, thinking that something bad had happened. She couldn't get away. Like mesmerized, she moved back towards the nightmare that was her life.

    Suddenly she noticed something interesting about Sora. Despite all her clothes always looking like they were just bought a minute ago, there was something ugly and old in her attire. She had a rather misshapen, time-beaten, old amulet hanging from her neck. It was big and apparently broken, so it caught Susanne's eye.

    "Hey, Sora, what's that amulet you have?" she asked the dark-haired girl.

    Sora grabbed the amulet and looked at Susanne with her dark, deep eyes that reminded bottomless ruby orbs. "This?"

    "Yeah, that," Susanne answered. Like there is another amulet on you somewhere!

    "Oh, it's the only memento I have of my parents. They died when I was still very young, so I lived with my aunt who made me do all kinds of awful things like clean the bathroom... It's an old amulet, and it's a bit ugly, too, but I always keep it close to my heart because it's the only connection I have to my beloved parents."

    "Can I see it?" Susanne asked, resisting the urge to throw up.

    "Yeah, go ahead," Sora said, taking the amulet off. "Why?"

    "Kitsuneko is a real tensai, you know," Usa-chan told her. "She's super smart! She even went to high school! She likes all kinds of old and ugly stuff and she can even read old runes!"

    "They're not runes," Susanne snorted and reached to grab the amulet.

    Once her fingers reached it, a strange pulse went through her body. "Wha-" she began, but was interrupted by a violent heat wave that threw her back. She fell down, on her back and started twitching.

    "So hot! Aagh!" She screamed.

    "Are you okay?" Sora yelled in panic. "This is all my fault, all my fault..." She started crying and mumbling accusations to herself.

    Meanwhile, Susanne had begun to glow a bright, red light. She could feel her body transforming. She grew a tail... No, nine tails overall, and her nose grew longer as her body shrunk. When the light faded, there was no way to tell she had been a human girl just a while ago. She was a Ninetales now.

    "What the hell," she screamed. "WHY ME? WHY ALWAYS ME?!"

    "Calm down," Marcus tried to assure her. "It's not that bad... You can probably turn back when you touch the pendant again." He was pale and not very convincing at all. He looked rather shocked.

    "Whoa... cool! I want to turn into a Pokémon, too," Usa-chan said happily and reached for the amulet.

    "THE HELL YOU WILL!" Susanne growled and jumped in to prevent Usa-chan from touching the cursed piece of metal. "I swear, Mary, if you do that, I'll eat you. I can do that, I'm a fox now."

    "Ah, so boring," Usa-chan complained and started to sulk. "It's always you who gets to do all the fun stuff."

    "FUN STUFF?!" Susanne was slowly becoming rather hysterical, and she was really ready to burn Usa-chan and bury whatever was left of her. She was breathing heavily and her red Ninetales eyes were wide from the shock of turning into a Pokémon. "YOU CALL MY LIFE FUN?! I'M JUST INFINITELY GLAD THAT I CAN STILL TALK IN HUMAN LANGUAGE!"

    "Too bad we can't understand what you say," Marcus said and patted her head carefully.

    Her heart stopped. She turned to him, more shocked and scared than she had ever been before. "What did you say?"

    "It's kind of futile to talk, since it's all Ninetales to me," Marcus said with an apologizing tone and offered her an assuring smile.

    She almost exploded. Before she had time to do so, however, the pendant catched her eye again. Her vision was much sharper now, so she could read the darkened and worn-out text. It said "The Heir of the Royal Family of Maginia". She blinked.

    Sora was a princess. She looked at the dark-haired girl and blinked again.


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