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    One day, you turn 14 (yes, in this region it's 14) and get your first pokemon. Suddenly, a magikarp in a tank the professor is
    studying breaks free using a move no-one has heard of. It then uses Hydro pump on you and the professor and you go unconscious.
    You wake up, and the professor tells you that he's received phone calls reporting several similar cases. He sends you off to find
    out what's happening to the Magikarp.

    Is this good? How can I improve on it?

    EDIT: Ok, it's been 4 days, I think I'll post this soon, regardless of being rated. Eleven and a half hours.
    This sounds like a really cool hack. It would be awesome if you replaced all the empty pokemon spaces in the ROM with different types of magikarp, like a giant fire-breathing magikarp or a magikarp with arms and legs that can beat up its foes. I wish you the best of luck.

    Pokemon Chaos Sapphire

    You make a character and start off in a town called Chaojewel. Your mom tells you that Pokemon is available in Prof. Beech's lab. You get any pokemon you like even the Sinnoh ones. Get a pokemon and meet a trainer. They will be your partner for the rest of the game. Then, you go to the next town and you will see something gleaming. It is a Chaos Sapphire. Get the Sapphire and you'll meet the good Team Shadow against bad Team Flora. They will walk away letting you start your pokemon adventure with your partner.
    I'm sorry but this story just sounds really generic. What sets it apart from other games? Does it have new pokemon? Cool features? An epic storyline? What?

    Anyway, my idea for a game would be an affectionate parody of the Pokemon games, one that makes fun of all the aspects of the games. Like maybe you go into somebody's house and they call the cops on you for breaking and entering, or you try to fight against Team Rocket so you run into Silph Co. with all six of your pokemon and get shot within five seconds. It could also have some dialogue changed, like making fun of how you can't get past rocks or trees in the games by having something like a pencil blocking your way and you can't get by. Maybe an ice path where instead of sliding on ice you have to wear socks and the floor of the cave is newly cleaned linoleum. Whaddya think of that? (I've already got three ideas for a hack that I'm more eager to make then this one, anyone who like this idea can just take it and make a game based on it.)