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Originally Posted by thelaytonmobile View Post
But I was wondering... the in game text (like, what the npcs say). Are you doing all that yourself? (cause I'm new to hacks, games, etc, I was wondering if you ever get help with the in game text? Cause if that IS something that needs help with... :P )
I'm currently doing all the text myself. But thanks for volunteering; if I ever need help with that, I'll let you know.
Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
*intake-of-breath*...*low-surprised-whistle*. Wow, this is really something. I'd offer to do the music for you- although you probably already have help with it (don't have time to read the full thread), plus my computer's unreliable, so uploading it to ya would be a problem. (Like i said, you probably don't need help with it anyways). Anyway, i love everything about it, especially Chacaw! Lol. Best of luck, this is looking really spectacular.
Originally Posted by pokemongarnet View Post
if you need help with a sort of cover i can help
Sorry; I don't really need a cover right now. You can make one anyway (unofficially), though.
Originally Posted by PokemaxST View Post
God knows how long ago i posted this. Anyone alive
I'm sure I posted a reply to this. Apparently not :S
Anyway, thanks for offering, but I've got enough spriters right now. Your sprites aren't too bad, though. However, I'm not too keen on Polear's design, and Spiritale is horribly pillow-shaded. Just thought I'd give you some criticism.