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    ^9/10 nice, kind of hard to see all the details though.

    Okay, this is a really really long explaination, so... Here goes:

    A while ago, some internet-obsessed people decided to invent a language to use on the computer that only used numbers and symbols to represent letters. For some reason, they called this language "leet," or 1337 (see, all numbers).

    Now, however, most people who speak 1337 also use many abbrevations, leave out apostrophes and punctuation. People who say things such as "omg im sooo bord theres nuthing 2 do!!1!" would be called a 1337 speaker.

    The little creature in my avatar is a leet. It from a game I play, AO. The leets speak in leet, of course, so the text in my avatar is something a leet would typically say.

    Hope that makes some sense.