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    “A-d-and ya know wha-what? She said I wasn’t her first! Whoopey, big deal, I said, no surprise, eh? That girl gets around.” Lucian staggered forth and back, the glass in his left hand half empty, but only because half of the liquid had not actually ended up in his mouth, but rather the bar’s floor. Yet, that didn’t matter, both to Lucian and his body. He didn’t need any more alcohol to be kind of high.

    And he wasn’t the only one.

    Claire burped, spitting out some droplets of her drink out at the same time, laughing hard. “Hah! You think Lancy was my first? Never.“ She paused to take a sip from the bottle itself, not even bothering with letting her drinks getting mixed, rather combining the different brands in her mouth.

    “The guy was my...oh dear, I forgot.” She giggled whimsically, sniffing at the smoke filled air and leaning back. “I forgot how many boyfriends I had! Yay!” the dragon gym leader laughed again, not even caring about the people around hearing all her private stories when during her soberness, they would be running for their lives by then, fearing Claire’s whip.

    Now the only thing they had to fear was her breath.

    One dose full of Claire’s air would probably give one enough blood alcohol to fail a driving test.

    “I’ve forgotten how many boyfriends I had, too~oo...” Lucian whistled, laughing through every second word. “Boyfriends?” Claire tried to stare at him, the emphasis on ‘tried’. Just like before, her world was swimming and with her body not under her control anymore, she was doubly disorientated. “You had boyfriends?” she asked, just to make sure she had heard right. Her ears weren’t working so well...

    Lucian looked at her with a complete lack of understanding.”I had boyfriends?”

    Claire laughed out loud. “Oh my god, you have short termed memory! Hah, get it, short, whatever.” She waved her hand when no one seemed to get, or rather, care for her joke.

    Lucian still blinked. “What boyfriends?” He looked around the room, as if he was expecting a random guy to lurk around the corner, just waiting for the right moment to glomp him – or do worse, from behind.

    “Cut it out, Lucian, you never had boyfriends. Now I wish I never had one, either.” Surprisingly, Sabrina sounded much sober than one should have expected from a woman who usually didn’t drink much and just had swallowed her seventh cocktail. Or was it the eighth? She had given up counting them....

    “You had a boyfriend?” Lucian had obviously forgotten the number of drinks he had consumed hours ago.

    “Yeah, I had. A quiet dumb one...dumped me the very second I left him alone. A*shole.” Sabrina growled with a tone of voice never ever heard before, before reaching for the bottle of beer Claire had more or less bought for them, which was now standing between the dragon gym leader and Lucian. She had decided that beer didn’t taste quite as good as wine or whisky or these sweet lemonade-spirits mixes. The barkeeper, though-that idiot! Refused to give them anymore, so they had to fall back on more old fashioned methods of damaging their brain. ‘Imbecile...’ Sabrina snorted. ‘Thinking he knows us better than we do.’

    Obviously, she thought she knew enough about her body to force more alcohol into it than she had drunk in her whole life before, every little drop of it counted in.

    “Oh, I never knew,” Lucian giggled. “Can I be your boyfriend?” he asked, with a gipsy smile, leaning towards Sabrina who backed away. His sunglasses hanged in lop-sided on his nose.

    “Nah,” she shook her head. “You have a girlfriend. Or had. Or something. I don’t know, damn.“ She gave off a loopy smile. Her memory wasn’t as bad as Lucian’s yet. Proof that she was not drunk. Not she. Not the psychic gym leader of Fuchsia.

    Oh wait, not Fuchsia. Pewter, right?

    “Damn.” She couldn’t even remember her home town anymore, what a pity. Frustrated, she tried to take a sip from the beer bottle, yet found it to be completely empty already. Growling, Sabrina snapped her fingers, indicating that she wanted another. The barkeeper rolled his eyes, and yet he reached for another brown bottle beneath the bar table. He couldn’t allow his customers to get so drunk that it was physically endangering their health, but, that bit of beer couldn’t make it worse, could it? And in the end, after all...they did pay. Maybe even a bit more. In their condition, they weren’t able to properly see the numbers on the notes anymore, much less count together the bill.

    Not even bothering to get a bottle opener, Sabrina used her powers to push away the cap. However, as unconcentrated as she was, she rather managed to make the liquid overheat and it sizzled, dripping out as a yellowish froth at the gap between the cap and the bottle itself. Yet, even that did not trouble the psychic; she licked away the droplets with delight, getting her lips slightly cut open in the process.

    Claire sighed and shrugged. “If you’re that desperate, you can be my best friend, guy. After all, my last one, last one...” She blinked. Something was not right, yet Claire could not put her finger on it. She couldn’t put her finger on anything; she was staggering way too much for that. “My last one was weird...”

    “Yeah, he was related to you...” Sabrina laughed. Now that was funny, having a relative as a boyfriend…

    “Related to you?” Lucian asked, head spinning around, trying to watch the two girls at the same time.

    “Yeah, he was my....oh god, what was he again?” Claire blinked and stared at the ceiling. Her family was so damn big... “He was my father’s son’s brother...oh, no, wait....that’s not right. He was my brother’s father’s son...“

    “That’s...that’s the same!” Sabrina said weakly, the words only forming slowly.

    “Oh, yes, you’re right, the same..ehm...isn’t he my brother’s father?”

    “You’re dating your father?”

    “No, no, of course not! Hehe…“ Claire giggled. “Then he is my son’s brother’s father.”

    “You have a son?” Now it was Sabrina’s turn to be slightly surprised. Her mind was staggering, she was fairly sure Claire had no son...or had she? Had she herself any children? Not as far as she knew...but if so, then they were poor to have a mother who was sitting in a bar at nearly three o’clock in the morning. And who hadn’t succeeded at all in forgetting her boyfriend...

    “Oops...I hope not...” the dragon trainer laughed out loud, hitting the table with her fist. “If I have, though... I don’t know about it. Isn’t that funny? I don’t know if I had a son…and what my boyfriend is…“

    “He is your uncle,” Sabrina muttered, fairly sure about this. Just as sure as she was that she came from Celadon.

    “Well, then my uncle....does that matter?” Claire asked, reaching for the bottle, finding it to be nowhere near her reach. She blinked. She was fairly sure there had just been a bottle of beer next to her hand, but now, it wasn’t there anymore. Had it run away? But bottles had no legs, had they?

    “It kinda does matter....,” Sabrina growled. There wasn’t any more beer coming out, and at the same time she did not know how to open the bottle properly...”If you ever want to have children, they’re going to be nutcases.” Looking around, the psychic finally decided that the edge of the bar table would be sharp enough to cut open the bottle, despite the obvious difference in stability, resulting in the wood’s disadvantage and further destruction.

    And in a bottle getting split in half.

    “Eeeeks!” Lucian cried, in a tone normally not used by any member of a male species, at least not on purpose. His whole jacket was wet now, wet and probably going to be sticky once the liquid dried off. Yet, Lucian was not half as angry as Claire, despite her being nearly dry. After all, she had Lucian who sat in front of her as a living barrier. The few drops that hit Claire weren’t nearly enough to be mentioned, but, fuelled with alcohol to the brim; it only took a minor accident to break her loose.

    “Hey, what do you think you’re doing!“ she screamed, waving wildly with her hands. She hit Lucian several times, although all he cared about was getting his hair style right again and cleaning his sunglasses to see at least accurately what was going on.

    “Ehm, getting this bottle open?” Sabrina asked uncertainly, while staring unhappily at the half bottle in her hand, its sharp edges grinning at her evilly. No chance of drinking from that bottle anymore...

    “Yeah, and getting me all dirty and wet!” Claire growled. It was debatable if the few droplets were even visible without a magnifying glass.

    Sabrina thought the same. Yet another proof that she was completely sober. Claire and Lucian were drunk, not her. Never her. It was just impossible for her to get drunk. And she hadn’t consumed nine drinks over the span of four hours, no, of course not. And these beer bottles on the floor were just empty by accident, nothing more.

    “You want to get in trouble?” Claire’s voice was desperately trying to sound intimidating and dark when in really, her vocal cords were close to faltering.

    ‘Aren’t I already in trouble?’ Sabrina’s eyes started to water. She wanted to cry and didn’t even know why. No, she wasn’t drunk. No, she wasn’t missing Will. No, she wasn’t depressed. No, she wasn’t thinking of death...

    No, she wasn’t lying to herself.

    And she would prove the world that she was capable of caring for herself just aswell. She didn’t need anyone.

    “Maybe I do.” Her smile was evil. She was going to prove her strength. Maybe in an unusual way. Unusual for her. But hadn’t she fought with some blonde chick just mere weeks go? And had managed to knock that girl away for a moment? There was something that nagged in the back of her mind; something that warned her not to get herself into this trouble now, for this small piece of consciousness that was left remembered the consequences of said fight.

    Yet Sabrina shoved it back, standing up and facing Claire. “If you want to bring it on, then do it right here and now,” she said, her voice challenging and, to her dismay, staggering a bit. She wasn’t so steady on her feet, too. She did register that it was late and she should sleep, but that didn’t matter. Not today, not anymore.

    But something unexpected hindered her.

    “Girls, stop it.” The barkeeper glared at both her and Claire. He was okay with them getting drunk to the brim and more, but not with fighting in his bar. His neighbours had enough of that and he tried to keep a relatively unsoiled image. His poor table was already split because of that weird woman with long hair.

    “If you want to fight, then go and leave the area, I don’t want to have to do anything with you two anymore then.” Sabrina blinked. Had she already sunk that low that she was thrown out of a rough bar? She felt bad...really bad. Something was not right with her. Her head started to hurt.

    Sitting down on a chair away from the bar, she held her head with both her hands. She knew without doubt that this was the beginning of a huge headache, one that would probably keep her company for at least one whole day. Just what had she done? She had let herself go, without any dignity limits, without caring about anything, much less her life, anymore. She had managed to show her strength by being the one who ended the relationship, but in doing so, she had weakened herself. Weakened herself so much that she was now sitting in a lonely bar in the dirtiest part of Indigo, drunk and ready to start a brawl.

    Grabbing blindly for her coat, Sabrina stood up suddenly, running through the maze of chairs and tables with eyes blinded by unwanted tears. She had to get out of there and that soon. She hit her shin several times, yet forcing herself to bite away any sobs while she just kept on walking. It was almost a relief to breathe fresh air again, falling out of the artificial light and warmness into the darkness and coldness of the still young morning. But only almost. Her emotions were way too stirred up, her mind unstable and wavering, she collapsed onto the street walk just metres away from the bar, in a small, hidden alley, now shrouded in complete darkness because of the lack of street lamps and the moon hidden by clouds shimmering in a milky blue.

    Feeling the tickle of tears on her cheeks, she knew she couldn’t just lie to herself anymore. It was useless. Her mind didn’t let itself be deceived anymore; the tears spoke a clearer language than the powerless words and formulas she had aggregated to save herself. She still loved him.

    She still loved him.

    And yet it had been her turn to end it all. Because she hadn’t wanted to be hurt anymore. Laughing weakly, Sabrina realized the irony. She was hurt either way. Either by the sheer knowledge that he didn’t truly love her or by the loneliness she felt. There was no way to get out of this.

    In theory, everything sounded so easy. Or what did they say, there are more fish in the ocean? Too bad when you only want one fish and that one has already been caught. Or rather taken right out of your arms.

    She sniffed, looking at her surroundings. She was lost. She didn’t know where to go to anymore. She didn’t know how to get to the hotel anymore. Of course, she could ask her way through the town, but knowing the figures living there, that wasn’t the safest of ways. She didn’t know if she had full control of her powers yet, so she couldn’t just rely on them in case of an emergency. Maybe she should just go back into the bar and spend the rest of the night there...

    Or maybe she should stay shrouded in darkness.


    Janine was frustrated. She had been running through the streets for more than half an hour by then and still hadn’t found her fellow gym leader. The young ninja had figured that Sabrina might have left the bar by now, but she hadn’t expected her to walk away so far. Yet that was what it looked like right then. Of course, that talk with her dad was an hour away and Koga had last seen the psychic two hours ago, so she might already be at the hotel.

    Janine sighed and stopped, reaching for her mobile phone. She might as well just phone Will and ask him kindly to check the room for her.

    The ninja hesitated a moment before touching the button to call up his number with a bit of sadness on her face. She had just phoned Will an hour ago to tell him the truth about everything. How an alliance of several frustrated and rejected girls had formed. How they had thought about separating him and Sabrina. How she had come up with the idea of ‘attacking’ him with her love and forcing Sabrina to see it. How Karen had agreed to this plan and switched places with her for the battle on purpose. How everything had just been a big farce, a big trick. How much it had hurt.

    Shaking her head, Janine dialed in the number. Will had taken it surprisingly lightly, even apologizing to her for not recognizing her feelings earlier, yet again swearing that he loved Sabrina, and Sabrina only. Then it had been Janine’s turn to apologize, saying that she had not realized what the psychic gym leader meant to him and what harm she could cause with her reckless actions. Now she knew for sure. This area of Indigo was dangerous and for a woman like Sabrina, who had never been confronted with the lower part of civilization, was probably not able to defend herself right now...

    “Yeah?” He didn’t sound sleepy at all, rather as if he had been through several bottles of beer himself. Yet Janine knew that was not the case, as he was just extremely worried and stressed ever since Koga had gone back to the league headquarters and told him about Sabrina’s situation.

    “I couldn’t find her yet.” Janine bit her tongue, knowing that her own worry didn’t help Will at all. He didn’t answer. “I thought...maybe you could check her hotel room and see...” “Janine, where do you think I have been for the last hour?” The girl bit deeper into her tongue. “I also thought she would return...Janine...” he sighed deeply. “I have to talk to her once she comes back...or once you find her. Tell her I’m sorry. Tell her I want to speak to her personally. Please.” It would be an understatement to say he sounded sad. He sounded more than just simply sad.

    “I will, I promise.” With that, Janine hung up.


    Miles away, a single tear fell onto a red rose. ‘Please, be alright, my dear.’


    Janine was just about to give up completely when she bumped into Claire. The dragon type gym leader wasn’t exactly sober herself anymore, even carrying a bottle of beer in each of her hands and drinking occasionally from each. Janine took a deep breath before she approached the older woman, not only because of her respect, but also because of the smell...

    “Ahem...Claire...may I ask you a question?” Blinking, Claire tried to understand the words. It took her a moment- and another sip of beer, to answer.


    “Have you seen Sabrina?”

    “Hm?” Claire blinked. Who was that again…? “Ah, you mean that psychic...sure. She was out with me and Lucian. Lucian’s still in the bar, he sure can take a lot. Ha, ha.”

    Janine sighed. Why was it that all people were suddenly so embarrassing once they had a drink too much?

    “And do you know where she is now?” the girl asked, desperately.

    Claire grinned. “Sure.“ And pointed to the alley next to the bar.

    Janine almost wanted to slap her forehead. She had been so close the whole time and had not realized it! “Thanks!” And with that, she spun around the corner, leaving Claire as fast as possible.

    Claire nodded. “No problem, whoever you were…“


    Just a few rooms away from Will, a young woman was staring out of her window. She wasn’t waiting for anything, even though one could expect her waiting for a sign, any special sign, the way she kept staring at the empty street.

    In reality, she only liked the night. It was calming her with its quietness and darkness. The night was when she really blossomed, when her beauty shining through all dimensions, when she appeared to be inhuman. At day, she was nothing more than a champion. Nothing more.

    At night, she was a goddess.

    She closed her eyes. Others adored the title of Pokemon’s league champion, would give everything to gain it and may even try to do so again and again. She had achieved it and yet, while she was happy about being a champion and would do anything to defend her position, it wasn’t her life goal. There were bigger things in life than that. Goals not based on material sources. She was going for the bigger fishes and she knew how to do so.

    Glancing at the sleeping man on the bed, she managed a weak, yet wicked smile. Lance had the scandal he never wished for, and he was blissfully unaware of it. He never had a chance against her. Poor guy.
    Pressing her lips together, the woman started to think about her true lover and what he had done. Poor guy. Without her, he was lost. But it was his own fault he had ended up alone. After everything he had done to her…

    Shrugging, Cynthia went to her bedside table and reached for her mobile phone. Not her concern. She had to know how sweet Jenny was doing.


    “Sabrina?” Janine asked carefully, glancing into the dark alley. Absolutely no light reached the small piece of sidewalk placed between two high houses, so all she could see were faint outlines of boxes and trash containers. She couldn’t really make out a human figure, though that didn’t mean anything. Everything was so dark.

    Sabrina looked up. She had clearly heard someone calling her name, that she was at least sure of. Her ears weren’t affected by her thoughtless consume of alcohol, or at least she hoped so. Everything was in a blur, but that was most likely because of the tears she had cried and not bothered to dry. “Yeah?”

    Janine felt a ton of bricks breaking down from her heart when she heard Sabrina’s weak voice. “Oh, my, god, are you alright?” Slowly, the ninja took a step into the shadows. She reminded herself that she was a creature of the night as well, yet her ninja powers were still...lame, to tell the truth. She was learning, though. She really tried to get as good as her father, but she had a long way to go, she knew that herself. After all, she had been stupid enough to cause this mess. “We were...kinda worried about you.” Embarrassed, Janine rubbed the back of her head. She did not know what to say, how to explain everything to Sabrina. Of course the psychic deserved an explanation, she certainly did, but it wasn’t easy to give one when you were directly involved.

    “Worried about me?” Janine flinched. Sabrina’s voice didn’t sound as if she believed her at all… “Yeah, right...maybe you noticed my absence during your little dates...” She sighed. “I appreciate that you searched for me, Janine, but I don’t think it was necessary. You shouldn’t leave Will alone for so two only have a few days...” Her sentence ended in a quiet sob. It hurt to say this, but she had to be at least that strong. Strong enough to show that she would get over this, that she could stand the thought of Will being together with another girl.

    She wanted to break down.

    And die.

    “Sabrina....” Janine grinded her teeth, closing her eyes tightly. A few tears tried to escape her, but she fought them off. She couldn’t cry in front of Sabrina, what kind of expression would that give off?! “Sabrina...I want to be honest with you...brutally honest...” Janine sniffed.

    Sabrina peeked up. Janine was crying? Something was not right….yet the psychic couldn’t find the strength to get up, she felt so weak.

    “It was all a lie. Will was never in love with me. He was tricked...I tricked was all a scheme by Claire, and I volunteered to carry it out...Sabrina, I’m so sorry....” Janine shook her head, the tears finally pouring and falling to the ground, moonlight shining in them. The clouds broke apart, revealing a nearly full moon, bathing the two girls in milky light.

    Sabrina just stared at Janine, unable to say anything, her mouth and throat completely dry. She felt...she couldn’t describe what she felt right now. It was too much. Too many emotions at once. Her heart ached.

    “I know we were never really friends...I never knew you truly, no one really did, to be honest...but I don’t want to be hated by you now. Please, don’t hate me, Sabrina. I was blind...I was stupid...and naive. I thought I could steal Will from you...please, don’t be angry at me, Sabrina.” Janine nearly cried. “I don’t know what true love is, I thought I did, but I don’t. I messed everything up. Please, I would do anything to make up for it...”

    Sabrina rubbed her head. She had a headache, a really bad headache, and she was tired. She didn’t know how late- or rather, how early it was, but she knew she had to get some sleep. And to cure the hangover she was probably going to have.

    “Janine...I can see that you’re upset, but I think this is not the right atmosphere for a long discussion.” She had to close her eyes for a moment, as the world was blurring and she knew she would feel sick if she opened her eyes anytime soon. “Could we please talk this out tomorrow? For now, I don’t think I’m in the condition do so.” She took a deep breath. As unpleasant as it was, she had to admit now that she needed help... “Could you get me to the hotel? I doubt I can find the way on my own...”

    Janine beamed with a weak smile, her cheeks shining.”Of course,” she smiled. “I’m not a ninja for nothing!”


    The brown-haired man sighed. “You know, dude, you really had enough by now. It’s four in the morning!”

    An angry snort. “I...I had not enough! I know! Another one!“ He hit the table with his fist, getting it cut on a lonely cap.

    The barkeeper sighed. “Shouldn’t you go back to your girlfriend, that Sinnoh champ, Cynthia?”

    The man whined. “She doesn’t care about me! She has bewitched that other champ, I tell you! In every sense of the word! You have to know! She is a witch!“

    “Yeah, right…” The barkeeper rolled his eyes.

    Lucian growled. “You don’t know. She can make you do everything she wants...she is that evil.” He glanced at the mirror at the opposite wall and noticed how similar it looked to the one Cynthia had in her bedroom. Snorting, he turned back to the barkeeper. “I was lucky not to fall under her spell...yet, she could put the whole of Kanto at her mercy with it, and that’s what she plans to do so, eh, I know it. She is hiding something from me and all of us!” he declared loudly, changing the octaves several times and glancing yet again at the mirror. Did his eyes lie to him or had Cynthia just appeared there and winked at him? Nah, he must be dreaming...

    The barkeeper laughed, with his back to Lucian. “Yeah, right, dude, keep on joking...” He turned around to see the elite trainer lying unconscious on the floor.


    “Here we are...” Janine kept her voice down, not only for the masses of people probably sleeping in the hotel right then, but also for Sabrina, whose headache had only worsened over the time of their walk back to the hotel. The woman at the reception desk had been anything but happy about the nightly adventure of those two, knowing that for their prominent guests, she had to be available 24/7. And that included 4 am on a Friday. Yet, when she had to value her sleep over the possibility of losing her job and a shuriken placed on her neck, she rather spend twenty minutes in an obnoxious half-dreamy, half-awake state, searching for the main door keys.

    Sabrina blinked, the greyness of everything confusing her. The colours looked off, without any real strength, without any real substance, as if someone had taken a brush and decided to paint everything with water and ash. But that was not the only thing that felt...wrong. Something was there, something that seemed to block her powers. She glanced at the corridor at her left side, the endless row of doors kind of intimidating. A gateway to hell...

    Shaking her head, Sabrina got those childish thoughts out of her mind. Of course her powers were weak, as she had literally damped them with all the alcohol she had consumed, and it would take some time for them to recover, just like her body had to recover. She had been thoughtless, very thoughtless. A shame that this had happened to the psychic that called herself the most disciplined...she had to make sure her pupils never got wind of her excess.

    Yet, it was crystal clear that at least one of pupils knew about it. She let out a quiet sob. She missed him so much. After the tragedy of that afternoon, she only wanted to be embraced by him, feel his warmth-nothing more, absolutely nothing more. She was just too tired to argue with him, heck, to argue with anyone.

    Janine bit her tongue. She knew she wasn’t supposed to notice that, but over a great deal of the walk, Sabrina had to be physically supported by the younger girl. Janine’s back ached a bit, but she didn’t mind. It was the price she had to pay for being quite childish. At least, she had managed to make up for it a bit. Silently, the girl opened the door, glancing over her shoulder. Sabrina had her eyes closed, not paying her any attention. Janine gulped. Her attendance was now over. She had said what had to be said, and it was up to Will and Sabrina to sort everything out. The young ninja hoped they would, could forgive each other. She didn’t want to be at fault for a continuous breakup.

    “Yeah, well...I’ll leave you two alone now,” Janine whispered nervously, scratching the back of her head while trying to grin friendly. She wanted to get away as soon as possible, not only because of the influence she might have on a possible argument, but also because she was really, really tired...

    Sabrina could only blink weakly as Janine disappeared into the shadows. Shaking her head, she reached for the door knob and pushed the door open. From her position, she couldn’t oversee the whole room, yet...she could see the red rose lying on her bed.

    Sabrina blinked again, staring at the flower while still standing in the doorframe and not daring to move. Her mind was working slower than usual, but she was absolutely sure she knew about the origin of the rose. There could only be one person, only him...

    She gulped and took a step into the room, her eyes fixed on her bed. She couldn’t actually believe it...he still cared about her. Of course, there were so many girls he had given roses to, but...this just felt special. Without asking, without reading any mind, she knew he still loved her.

    Gracefully taking the rose into her hand and breathing in the fresh aroma of it, she closed her eyes, leaning back almost automatically. She was only startled for a second before relaxing when she felt someone embracing her from behind. “Sabrina...” He kissed her neck gently, still holding her in his arms. “I was so...I can’t say how worried I was about you...” She bent her neck to be able to look him into the eyes. He was honest; she could see and feel that, from the faint tears on his cheeks. She traced the line of tears with the rose, her eyes fixed on his.

    “It’s alright now...” she smiled weakly. “I’m back...” She leaned against him. His warmth…it was back. It had finally come back to her. She felt so calm.

    Will had been trembling when he had seen the door being opened. He had no idea how to start the conversation, as he had no idea how to approach her, for he had no idea how she would respond. Again, he was helpless. For all of his life, he had thought that women were easy to handle, and so far, he never had to deal with such a drama. But so far, he had never been truly in love.

    He sighed, but tensed the very moment he noticed her slim figure walking into the room, towards the bed. He literally couldn’t breathe, not knowing how she would react to his rose. He hoped, he wished she got the message. He didn’t know how to form the right words, and not even what the right words were. Actually, it was the second time he felt so helpless, the first time being the day Janine had kissed him in front of Sabrina. Yet, he didn’t feel as if he had improved. He was still powerless.

    Especially against the addiction he felt towards the other psychic.

    Silently, he stood up and wrapped his arms around her, hoping that his embrace would tell her more than a thousand words.

    “I’m back...” He smiled at her, wiping a single strand of hair out of her face, staring into her dark, lively eyes.

    “And you’re drunk...” He had to smile. Seeing his sweet dear this blue was funny and yet cruel, knowing that she wasn’t used to alcohol at all and probably would have a hard time dealing with the hangover tomorrow.

    “I know...” Sabrina whispered, holding her head with one hand. Will slowly let her sit down, his hands still on her shoulders. She obviously had a headache and he wanted to let her rest.

    “I...” He was nervous and slowly sat down on the bed himself, his hands in his lap and his head hanging down. “I guess Janine told you everything...I...I want to apologize...I was too weak to reject Janine. I should have known how much it would hurt you. But I was too weak...” He inhaled deeply, fighting back his own sobs. He had missed her, had thought he might have lost her for good. But she was back... “Please accept my apology...please return to me...please, I....I still love you...” Will was startled when Sabrina leaned to him and silenced him with a soft kiss. Her breath still smelled a bit like wine, but he didn’t flinch. He didn’t mind. It didn’t matter.

    She stopped and he could see her tears. “I accept it, Will. I still love you.” She let herself fell back onto the bed, her dark hair framing her pale face, the few lines of moonlight shining through the curtains barely reaching it, creating a fascinating game of shadows and lights on her face. Will gulped. She was beautiful...

    Slowly, she reached out to touch his face, tracing it with her fingers. Will didn’t say anything, for there was nothing he could do but admire her beauty.

    “Never leave me, please, Will...” She whispered. “Stay with me.”

    “I will," he promised, bending forward and kissing her, before closing the door.

    End of Chapter 5, Part 2
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