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    Oh boy, what a chapter. Let's see if I can count down my favorite parts...

    10. Clair being the one who orchestrated the whole Will-Janine thing.

    9. Koga telling Janine to fix the situation... a great father.

    8. Lucian wanting to be Sabrina's boyfriend.

    7. Lucian thinking he had a boyfriend in the past... hopefully he was just overdrunk.

    6. Sabrina so drunk she couldn't remember her own city's name.

    5. Lucian... oh, just poor Lucian, he doesn't get enough torture, does he?

    4. Clair's absolutely craziness being drunk, she's the very reason why I stay away from alcohol.

    3. Will and Sabrina getting back together... awww!

    2. Cynthia wanting more than even Lance... and blaming things on Lucian. She's not a goddess, P*A, she's a queen, get that right!

    1. Cynthia's wink to knock out Lucian.

    Why would Cynthia be calling Jenny? That's the biggest question I have after this chapter. I never remember everything at once, so maybe I'll review more tomorrow.