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Skrub turned around, and gasped. In front of him, Eagun stood, tall and proud.

With the rest of the town’s elderly citizens behind him.

“You’re leaving town now,” Eagun said simply, pointing to the exit. “Your friends already chose to leave peacefully – I suggest you do too.”

“Oh yeah?” Skrub tried once more, his voice however noticeably lacking the arrogance it had beforehand. “Just...just make me!”

“Ok then,” Eagun replied, “we will. Everyone?”

Wordlessly, Eagun reached into his beard and pulled out another Pikachu from it, while each other person brought out theirs as well, some from equally random sources. Skrub, Rui and Wes stared.

“What; didn’t you youngsters know that Pikachu’s the town’s mascot? We’ve got millions of these things!” Eagun said. “Now everyone – attack!” With that Eagun threw his Pikachu, which screeched with surprise at it landed on Skrub’s head. Noticing everyone else start throwing their rodent Pokemon at him, he turned and ran for it, while trying to swat off the Pikachu on his head.

“Get him!” one called, as the elders gave chase.

“That’s what you get for walking on my lawn!” another added.

As the crowd disappeared, yelling threats at Skrub and throwing Pikachus at him, Umbreon trotted forward to Wes carrying a small object in his mouth as Espeon dropped his Reflect attack and hopped off of the Relic Stone.

“Umbre!” (I found something shiny!) Umbreon said proudly, dropping the object at Wes’s feet. Wes picked it up.

“It’s another CD... another Ein File then,” Wes said, before pocketing it. “We’ll send it to Sherles later then, I suppose...” Wes sighed and smiled at Rui. “Well...that was unexpected. We know Cipher are still at large then... but we stopped them once again,” he said.

“We did! And Beluh was right! She said we would purify the Shadow Pokemon here, and the Relic Stone here did!”

“Indeed...” Wes grinned and turned to Makuhita and Croconaw. “So then...” Wes stopped suddenly.

Makuhita was staring at Croconaw, who no longer could be seen, a bright, white light in his place instead. Gradually though, a shape could be made out through the light.

“What...what’s happening?” Rui asked, confused.

“He’s evolving,” Wes said, grinning.

As time passed, the light began to dissipate, Croconaw’s new form coming into clearer view. He was of a more limber shape than his previous, plumper shape, the fat now replaced with an impressive set of muscles and covered with scales on his arms, legs and belly. He was far taller too – at least double the height now, and the red spikes - which there were more of now - upon his head and back were more pronounced.

And suddenly it was over – the light was gone, and in Croconaw’s place was a Feraligatr.

“Fera...?” (I evolved...?) Feraligatr said slowly, testing out his new jaw, before he slowly walked forward. He stumbled slightly, but stayed upright.

“Maku...hita!” (Hey, hang on... I think I’m evolving too!) Makuhita suddenly remarked. Espeon and Umbreon regarded him for a moment or two, before turning back to admire Feraligatr’s new form.

“Maku...Makuhita! Hita...” (Ok, I was wrong...but I gained all of those experience points! Unless I lost them...)

“Quagsire?” (There’s a strange smell...duh,) Quagsire noted, before it shrugged and promptly decided it was a good idea to fall asleep.

“Awesome!” Rui said, beaming. “Although I always thought evolution would be all... I don’t know. More dramatic, with music or something...” she mumbled to herself, before disregarding her thought. “I bet you evolved because you’re purified now!” Feraligatr thought about it for a moment, before smiling smugly, and nodding.

“Well then,” Wes said with a yawn. “We can worry about what happened just now later. I say we go and get some breakfast...” he concluded, walking with Rui and his Pokemon back to the village.

And I better go and find that coffee-obsessed Yanma too, Wes thought to himself suddenly.


And that's the chapter! Hope you enjoyed. Now for how it links to the game itself:


Relic Stone - a stone which has held in high regard by citizens of Agate Village, and is situated in the forest. It looks like... well, a bunch of stones put on top of each other, really. A lot of the information on the Relic Stone is given to you by characters in the game. However, the way the game does this, you are unable to purify Pokemon until you beat Skrub, and THEN find out information about the Relic Stone. Even though you can go there at any time and with ready-to-be-purified Shadow Pokemon as well - you need to know more about it before being able to do so. Because apparently, pressing A on the Stone and then choosing a Pokemon to stand next to it for 5 seconds requires knowledge on the stone!

As for the stone tablet's message about the Relic stone - that's in the game, although they do insist on capitalising some words, like RELIC and AGATE. Needlessly. (Ah, capitalisation in Pokemon games...). As for the 'Masto' - well, he was a teacher made of awesome at my school and requires mention. Not necessarily for his teaching skills - just for his awesome.

Eagun - he does a fair bit around here. Someone comes into the house just when you arrive with Rui and greet her grandparents, yelling that people have barged into the Relic Forest. He suddenly dashes out at speeds that are amazing for someone his age, as many NPCs agree.

Enpea Sea - based on a (nameless) NPC who stands in the Pokemon Centre, talking about checking the health of his Pokemon, before complaining about his back problems. I thought the name was fitting – ‘twas suggested by 'Chris the Com' - friend at school. Here he also helps Rui, who in Agate Village can actually get separated from you (people who get annoyed by her constantly following you take advantage of the weird angles and hills Agate Village has to do so). But walking into a house or leaving, etc will have her instantly reappear, despite being lost.

Cipher agents - there's an underpass to the Relic Forest, on which there are three battles with Cipher agents. Nothing tough though, but they take a bit of time - but not enough to stop you from reaching the Relic Stone just in time, of course. And one of them really DOES fall from the ceiling to battle you. Throwing a large stone at Wes Cipher - hiring ninjas since yesterday.

Steve - an NPC who stands on the spot by the Relic Stone while you defend it, just shaking. Not very helpful...

Skrub vs. Eagun Battle - the most epic of showdowns this side of Victory Road. A level 38 shadow Hitmontop against the poorly-reused-fat model of Pikachu from the days of Stadium... who is at level 50. Yet, Skrub always wins this battle which you are forced to watch - apparently, someone didn't tell Eagun the legendary trainer that Pikachu knows moves outside of Quick Attack, which is all it ever does. At least here, Eagun adds in the throwing of Pikachu from his beard... well, I don't see no belt or pockets for his Pokeballs on his robe, so I went for the next logical place. =P

Skrub - he's a higher up, but not an Admin of Cipher. His aim here is to destroy the Relic Stone, but he fails to Wes and his superior trench-coat. He has the same team in this chapter - unfortunately for him, outside of Hitmontop his team isn't exactly good. Clamperl is hardly about to pose a threat, and to try to destroy the Relic Stone with a Pokemon in Wynaut who has no attacking moves bar countering ones...

After losing, he rants a bit and...runs off. And no cipher agent is ever seen again. Threw in the whole town chasing him with Pikachus there for a touch more eventy-ness. (After all, in XD, Eagun has multiple Pikachu...)

Have patience, and until the next!