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First review. Fwee.

Ah, the much-anticipated showdown with Skrub. Good 'ol memory loss - so THAT'S why Pikachu never used Thunderbolt. In the battle, I enjoyed how Skrub tried to get his Pokemon to destroy the Relic Stone as well as battle with Wes. I also liked how they failed epically in doing so. Suppose you can't expect much more from a Clamperl that just sits there, and a Wynaut that only makes bad puns and lashes out at its teammate.

Major lesson learned: Do not walk on Duncan's lawn. He doesn't like that and he'll wave his stick at you until you succumb to its awesomeness.

“Spoons are too expensive,”
In these hard financial times, what isn't too expensive?

But standing in the same spot is more than a job. It’s an obligation – nay, destiny!
Truer words were never spoken.

Hitmontop – just aim for the horn- err, stone!
Now, now, everyone and their old man knows that only works in the anime universe, and only with one specific Pikachu...

she was still dressed in her chibi-Pokemon-patterned clothes,

“What; didn’t you youngsters know that Pikachu’s the town’s mascot? We’ve got millions of these things!”
A truly terrifying sight indeed. My retreat would have been even faster than Skrub's, if I happened to be the Cipher agent in charge of destroying the Relic Stone

A level 39 shadow Hitmontop against the poorly-reused-fat model of Pikachu from the days of Stadium
Huh... I could've sworn it was at Lv. 38.

Anyway, great chapter, and it's always nice to see Skrub get pwned. And, as closing remarks...

Eagun, I love your signs! They rock my world!

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